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    Hey all,

    In self hosted wordpress.ORG blogs there is a Quizzin plugin.
    I’ve read the only post that returns from a search of ‘Quizzin’ but none of those work-arounds Raincoaster mentioned look like what I have in mind.
    I want to make quizzes for my students, a means for them to self-evaluate, that they can do online, but on my wordpress.COM blog. And I would like to see the results.
    I could contact support about this. But if I’m the only one interested, then like in Alice’s Restaurant, they may think I’m sick. But if there happen to be three people or fifty people singing in harmony, then there might be an organization and or even a movement. So I thought I’d ask if anyone has a need, a different solution or a work-around.
    1) I have seen one wordpress.com site that is doing something similar to what I want. His students click on a link, take a quiz, submit, and he gets the results. These quizzes are though his textbook company. And they are not on his site. I can do something similar with my textbook company, and I’ve started doing so, but I CAN’T see my students’ results.
    2) I’ve seen surveys on blogspot.com sites using google documents and I’ve experimented with google documents and can create multiple choice tests, but I cannot use images and plus I want to stay on wordpress.com.
    I don’t know if this Quizzin plugin is a cure-all. I’m not an English teacher where my questions and answers are usually just words/sentences. It’s important that I can use symbols, graphs, and images. Any math teachers out there doing what I have in mind?


    The blog I need help with is rchsbowman.wordpress.com.



    wordpress.com blogs do not have FTP access or individual plugin capability, so any workaround has to take that into consideration.

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