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Quotation Marks

  1. A lot of times the end quotation mark appears at the beginning of a "quote." I don't know how to fix it, even in my visual editor. This doesn't occur when the quote starts a new paragraph or follows a comma, only when it follows a different punctuation mark, such as a period.

    Quotes that would be punctuated correctly:
    He said, "Quote."

    Quote that would be punctuated incorrectly:
    Sentence. "Quote."

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I went to your blog and see what you mean. Are you cutting and pasting from another program, such as Word? If you are, you may try going back through in visual editor and deleting the mismatched quotation marks and retyping them, then check them in preview or repost & see if that helps. :-)

  3. I looked at your source code. Your quotation marks are in html code. , for example. I think you are composing your stories in a different editor and then pasting them. I was able to get some of your text corrected by pasting it in the visual editor and deleting the quotation marks then simply typing them back in. They look like straight quote marks, but they will look "smart" when you preview them or post the post. (I viewed the source code for one of my pages with a lot of similar uses of quotation marks, and none of them were in html code, and yet they look fine & "curly" when rendered in my theme by the browser, and I had no strange reversed quotation marks.)

  4. Hi, thanks for your help but I typed it up in WordPress using the visual editor, so I don't know why it works for you but doesn't work for me.

  5. That is quite puzzling. Can you try going into the html editor, deleting the quotation marks, and then retyping them and see if that helps? It is odd that you should have such a difficult time getting rid of them -- also, I did see that at least some of your quotations in the body of a post are correct (the last one in the post I mentioned before, for example). Do you know if you did something different for that quotation from what you did in the previous ones?

  6. @shortoncache and mmadfan
    Some time ago now perhaps as long ago as last year I went crazy with the theme I was using Vigilance changing my quotation marks into "curly" quotes on me. I would enter the correct code, it would appear to be fine in preview but when I published all the quotation marks became curly quotes. Tess experienced the same thing. I'm thinking this could be another case of that. If you can't resolve this then maybe Staff need to take a look at this.

  7. @TT: That is a very strange phenomenon! I think perhaps it's a theme-dependent glitch of some kind, since my quotes look "curly," but the underlying html code isn't changed as it seems to be in the OP's case.

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