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    Any chance to add the quote comment plugin? A link, that includes the comment in a blockquote with poster id and time?

    The blog I need help with is muttdamon.wordpress.com.



    Some themes do that automatically; not the blockquote, because it’s not necessary, but identifying the time of a comment sure.



    @raincoster If there would be 40 comments behind the original question from “muttdamon”, it would be really hard for anyone to understand what idea I am replying to w/o “re-quoting” the whole text. People would need to scroll up to comment #2 from comment #41 to know why I not agree with you.
    Wouldn’t be easier to be able to push at the end of your message a little button that would automatically “re-qoute”?
    THis has been proven to be working great in some themes, on some blogs. Unfortunately that theme is not supported any longer, hence the feature is gone.
    Not everyone prefer the nested conversations either, as on some blogs the chronological order is determinant.



    Yes. This is exactly what I’m talking about. My friend’s blog (daily posts) sometimes gets more than hundred comments in two days. Often the commenters go into a flame war. With this type of blog it’s very hard to keep track who said what.

    This feature is essential for blogs with lots of comments.

    There used to be a good plugin called “Quote Comment” that copied the comment you replied to into the comment edit area with the original posters name and post date.

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