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Quote Formats of the different themes

  1. I now use CHOCO.

    About the QUOTE FORMATS of the different themes:

    Which themes have a quote format that shows the quote to definitely be a quote? Some themes are more subtle about this, and some make it clear that a quote is a quote. This is one thing I like about CHATEAU, which turns the quotes to italics. I would jump to CHATEAU, but some things about it hold me back.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. OK, so I decided to just go theme by theme (of the ones I am interested in) and see the Theme Features section starting with Most Recently Added.

    Theme 2011 mentions PULL QUOTES but does not really explain what they are or show what a pull quote looks like on a page.

    What does a pull quote actually look like on a post? I am assuming from the notes that one can adjust the look of the Pull Quotes.


  3. There are over 120 themes and my answer is I don't know. I would go here > and find the theme(s) that have the kind of blockquote treatment that I preferred

  4. The pull quotes feature are available both on Duster and on Twenty Eleven. If you cannot follow the instructions provided in the Themes Showcase this may these will help >

  5. HI Timethief. Thanks, and.... you are fast!
    OK... I suddenly got brighter and decided to Google PULL QUOTES and now know what they are by definition. So now I am going to look in that Theme Features for both Quote and Pull Quote formats.

    I am seeing that 2011 at least does have a Pull Quote feature but am not sure what the regular Quote format looks like.

    I find that as time goes on, I find out about finer and subtler features that might be more useful in my blogs, and my requirements change. My first requirement, of course, is that the theme itself be visually interesting at first glance.

    P.S. when I read, "There are over 120 themes and my answer is I don't know" I laughed! :-) :-) :-)


  6. OH.. I just now see that you have another answer for PUll Quotes. Thank you for whittling it down to only Duster and 2011!! (And unless I am remembering wrong, I think 2011 was built from Duster, yes? (Yes, I think so.)

    Thank you for the reference links.


  7. I know that only 2 - Duster and Twenty Eleven have pull quotes. I know that Panos describes how to employ them in his post that I linked to above.

  8. OK. I just checked out the link you supplied for me - the WORDPRESS TIPS link. I actually was there before I wrote my first question at the top, but got lost so came to Forum.

    What I see that is also a big help in addition to the Theme Features in WP is the THEME SURVEYS which is here:

    I have tested out many many of the WordPress themes and realize that each one has features and capabilities that I have not been aware of.


    Thanks, Timethief. I am going back to work now. :-)

  9. One last note: I went to that WordPress Tips and read Panos' instructions for how to do the Pull Quotes. I see that they involve me going into HTML mode and altering code.

    If it is a simple thing I guess I can do it. I wish that there were a little button that one could press to make a Pull Quote. :-) :-) But then I realize that manipulating HTML code allows a person to make smaller adjustments.


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