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    When I put a quote in a box below my post, the quotation marks surround the author of the quote as well as the quote itself. I have tried several ways to resolve this and have not figure it out yet. Can you help? Not every post contains a quote at the bottom. You will find mine at “About” above my name and maybe within one of my first four posts as well. Thanks for any help!

    Linda Hoenigsberg

    The blog I need help with is lindalochridge.com.


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    Hi Linda,

    The blockquote is like a box (or container) for the quoted text. If the author’s name is in that box, then it will be included between the quotation marks.

    If you want the author’s name outside of that area, then you need to have a paragraph container below that.

    To do this you switch to the HTML editor and fill in your info as indicated by the all-caps in the example below.

    <p style="padding-left:30px;padding-right:10px;margin-top:-20px;text-align:right;">AUTHOR'S_NAME</p>

    Adjust the padding and margin numbers to make it look as you want it to.

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