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  1. Hi, I just got a new blog on, previously I was self hosted.

    I love, love, love the Twenty Eleven theme, but I'm a bit confused about the quote post format... how does it work? If someone could enlighten me that would be fabulous. Thanks!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Does this help at all?

    If you have a post that’s almost entirely a quote the Quote Format will make those quotes stand out.

  3. If you select the Quote format and set some text as a blockquote, it wil be more prominent than regular (larger size, no indenting).

    Twenty Eleven also features even more prominent "pull" quotes - see here:

  4. justjennifer - I'd already read that and found it a bit ambiguous, especially when I selected quote format and the text didn't.. well... anything.

    panaghiotisadam - thanks so much. :)

  5. You're welcome. In case it's not clear, selecting the quote format will only affect the text you've set as a blockquote by selecting it and clicking the bq tool in the visual editor, or by using this in the HTML editor:

  6. alwayswellwithin

    Thanks, Panos. It wasn't clear from the instructions whether you need to select block quote or whether it happens automatically. Thanks for the clarity.

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