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Quotes about my state of mind and the world...

  1. Hi there, this might be an easier way to introduce people to my new blog, then by asking friends to spread the word...So allow me to introduce a blog about quotes =>

    It's not just a quote database that you can check once in a while for a random quote. I try to relate events of my day and events that occur globally to quotes, quotes of famous people, but also quotes of unknown people, like friends of mine...

    I think you get the idea, it's another way to express oneself and ones' ideas about the world. Another thing I'd like to achieve is to eventually interact with people. For example when I post an entry about a certain event, people come up with their own quotes or associations on that event. Wrapping this up, I hope to welcome you one day on my blog for an exchange of quotes!



  2. I forgot to add, that I will also try to add some background info to the entries. Meaning either on the person who was quoted, or the subject involving the quote...

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