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    Hey everyone,

    I just started with WordPress (after using Blogger) and I like it a lot but there are some things that don’t make sense. For one, I’d like to be able to quote text from other sources and format the quotes with indentations, smaller text, etc…(link to my blog below). Right now, it’s basically making it giant and not styling it correctly. Does anyone have any tips?

    Also, the fact that I can’t easily make spaces between paragraphs is really really really frustrating. I’ve tried reading the forums but it sounds like every solution is a work-around. Any tips for that, too?


    Blog: http://bruinologie.wordpress.com/


    In the rich text editor, there is an “indent/blockquote” icon. Insert the text you want to quote, put your cursor at the beginning of the text and then click that button and it will be blockquoted. At the end of the text, if you have more to say that you do not want included in the blockquote, then insert your cursor at the end of the blockquote and press the icon again.

    Alternately you can select all the text you want blockquoted and then click the button. If you are not using the rich text editor, then there will be a button labeled “quote”.



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    The following reference will be useful. Please note that if you click icon 16 and advanced toolbar will appear. If you are copying and pasting from Word then look a icon 16 f. http://faq.wordpress.com/2006/05/15/what-do-all-the-icons-mean/

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