Rachel Mason – Deleted Wrong Account, Please Help.

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    I have loved and used this site many times and frequently advise younger student to use this site for future professional artist websites, yet I have made a massive mistake.

    I needed to completely change my blog as I need to add a lot and wanted a free start, so I though I transferred the name of the blog to another blog and then deleted the current blog (thinking iI could still use the URL rachelamason.wordpress.com) but I got emailed about deleted the blog and deleted the wrong one and now cannot access my original URL and it says the owner deleted it.

    I tried to create a new website but it will not let me use my old URL address and I desperately need that as it is used in all my University work and business cards.

    Is there anyway you can reactive my old website even if the old contexts is not there and just leave me access to my old URL address?

    Many Thanks,

    Hope you can help,

    Rachel Abigail Mason



    I’ve answered this seven times already today for various people, and the answer never changes, but I flagged it for staff attention anyway.

    Basically, no, you can’t get it back. That is why there are three warnings AND an email confirmation.



    Rachel I have contacted you outside of the forums to see if I can help you with your deleted blog. Please note that this is usually not possible, but I will try to help.



    So, are we to flag all requests like this for staff attention then?



    @raincoaster: Yes please, that would be much appreciated. Feel free to flag these for us to look at.


    Moderator Emeritus

    Is this a change in policy? Not the modlook but restoring a deleted blog?



    @tess: We do not generally reinstate deleted sites and our policy has not changed, but you can flag them for us to look at.

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