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  1. The Euros could be faced with levels of racism that haven't been seen in sport for years and years. How is racism still such a force in sport?
    How can we combat the racial hatred seen in some europe cultures? Come join the debate here!

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  2. dribblingpensioner

    Its still in some countries in Europe because the governments will do nothing about it.

  3. roughseasinthemed

    Or is it because the people will do nothing?

  4. You're are both right. Panorama showed an interview with a police officer who denied there was racist behaviour in their football stadiums, yet footage had just showed horrific racial attacks.
    I think the governments do nothing because it is the behaviour of the people, the voters, who unfortunately have the last say, which means racism has a place in European culture.
    How do you change the thinking of a culture?

  5. dribblingpensioner

    All they have to do is the same as England, play behind closed doors, post photos and do not let them Near the stadium.

    Or in some cases they were not allowed out of the house when a match was on.

  6. Well we can only hope they do. The problem is, as you said, if the government don't act at all then how will racism ever be addressed?

  7. I had naively believed, hoped, that human nature had moved on from the past and learnt from the costly actions of others that in no way can racism, antisemitism or general hatred of an ethnic group be acceptable. We must destroy this misplaced anger, we have to, it is imperative if we are to survive as a species.

    That closing remark is the echo of most world citizens, yet a minority of closed minded individuals and groups hang on to the sentiments of a darker period of modern society.

    Thanks for sharing your valuable thoughts and observations. Keep on posting.


  8. What baffles me is that these 'close minded individuals' cling to this darker periods and openly pronounce their superiority to the more optimistic period we hopefully live in. Humans can be horrible creatures, and sometimes I fear we expect too much from a selfishly motivated people, who desire personal success over any respect or fair treatment to others. We could be on the brink of civilisations biggest test, we have nuclear capabilities, economic ruin and desire for self gain all mixed in one, the 21st century may not end with the same optimism it started with.

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