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Racism, bigotry, apartheid in the U.S.A.

  1. I'm 62 and I worked for civil rights in the 60's and 70's. A small group was formed and we bagan to fight the good fight. Civil Rights was our goal but our strategy was fair housing when papers carried ads with the notation, "no jews allowed", no negroes allowed", "no catholics allowed". etc., etc. We changed the laws so that newspapers could no longer use this foul verbage in their ads. When Barack Obama was elected President of the United States I thought that except for small pockets, ignorant minorities, racism was pretty much dead. Imagine my surprise when I saw a documentary on HBO telling the story of one high school, one senior class putting on TWO proms. One for the Anglo students and one for the African American students. In the 21st century, in the United States.
    I felt shame along with my disbelief. The idea of two proms was orchestrated by the parents who share at least 75% of the blame. I don't blame the children. They learned their bigotry at home, sitting around their kitchen tables listening to their elders. The elders and their talk of the 'good old days' of the Klan and hangings. Children learn by example in their most formative years and the example the people who supported two proms was the racists..

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  2. There's racism in both sides of the world these days. There's those who are generations old and still hate civil rights, and there are those who are the grandsons of those who fought for civil rights. The old rich white men are still racists, and their kids may or may not grow out of it. But the most racist people I've ever met are the old black folks. Down here in Missouri, they raise their kids on hate for the white man. It's a never ending cycle. I associate with people from every race and culture possible. I'm going to be a teacher someday, and I hope that my students will embrace equality like I have.

  3. i've heard of these dual proms and honestly im dumbfounded that that is still going on, although i probably shouldn't be. ..

  4. Wow really a dual prom? What the hell. I’m so glad I wasn’t affected by the racist parent I have. In fact I’m about ready to kill him because he’s being very racist at the moment. I’m watching “Lean on me” with my sister and he walked into the room and started asking us about how many “blacks” and “Mexicans” we have in our school. He refers to his yard maintenance crew as “the Mexicans”. I’m going to kill him I swear.

  5. are you guys that suprised? you can't expect such a colossal change over a few years. I wish it were'nt true, but it is.

    I'm not american, but people generally seem to feel more comfortable within groups they see as theirs. whether its based on religion, skin colour, musical preferences, etc...

    we seem to like any excuse to separate ourselves from the mainstream.

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