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    I went to word press “topics” section and clicked on “humor” and this was one of the blogs recommended by WordPress. (I cut and pasted it–you had to click on it to read the rest of the blog.

    “Stupid crap Mexicans do
    White Pride America
    Here is an all too brief list of stupid crap that Mexicans do. If you have anything to add please use the comments to do so. Buy classic cars and instead of restoring them, putting ridiculous rims on it, painting it gold and turning it into a low rider, utterly destroying it. Call each other papi and mami, because I guess they don’t know who their parents are. Move to a country and don’t learn a lick of the language, just its currency. Most people I know”

    It’s disturbing when a site like WordPress actually recommends hate speech and racism towards minorities. *sigh*

    Thoughts, anyone? I’m feeling disgusted by this.

    The blog I need help with is synapticcohesion.wordpress.com.



    When I am offended by something that I think may be a violation ot the ToS I do not copy and paste that into forum threads as they are indexed by Google and available to everyone. What I do is report the blog to Staff and let them decide.
    relevant links:


    Believe me, I did. And I heard WordPress’ support team is usually very quick with a response, but I got no response so far.



    Staff provide support for over 25 million and they deal with support tickets by addressing those with the earliest dates first. if we contact them again then the date moves forward and it takes longer to get attention. I flagged the thread for Staff attention.



    It’s a good idea to distinguish between blogs recommended by WP, which are on Freshly Pressed, and blogs on the global tag pages, which are not recommended by anyone.


    And it’s not about this blog existing, it’s about this racist blog being recommended by WordPress.



    An excellent point. Our posts automatically appear in the global tag pages under the categories and tags we assign to them. They aren’t recommended.


    What does hatred against Mexicans and “White Pride” have to do with any of my tags? Answer: NOTHING


    So should I expect to see more hate pages? Because this is a first so far.



    Yes. There are probably at least a billion blog pages on WordPress.com. The terms of service disallow hate speech, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t pop up; it does, whereupon people report it and it gets suspended. You wouldn’t believe some of the stuff I’ve seen (and had killed off).



    I was referring to the tags and categories assigned to the post that you copied and pasted the text from into the first post in this thread.


    At least I know that those are not WordPress recommendations.


    I read about what makes and doesn’t make the global tag pages and looks like it’s up to you the staff to tag it as “mature.” Please don’t ignore selective hate sites just because it isn’t targeting you and doesn’t offend you. Be fair.



    No, it’s not up to staff to tag it Mature. It’s up to them to read the reports of ToS violations and suspend blogs that engage in them.



    Also, to clarify: nobody from staff has posted in this thread. YOU make the report, because you know what blog it is. Then staff take action. They can’t take action if the report hasn’t been filed.


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    …it’s up to you the staff to tag it as “mature.”

    Please note that for the most part these a peer to peer support forums and as such most folks here are your fellow bloggers, volunteers, and not paid staff. You can distinguish staff by the grey rectangle around the avatar and the orange font below the name. All others are volunteers.

    As raincoaster said, when you see a wp.com site which is either mature or in violation of wp TOS, then it is up to you to notify staff.

    Posting quotes from such sites in these forums is counter-productive.

    Now that you have the correct information, I’ll close this topic.

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