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    I want to report a blog with extremely racist, despising and inhuman content.

    I actually feel sick after reading this, is this the sort of ideology that your domain wants to be associated with? My daughter reads here, as well as friends of her.
    I uploaded a picture on my website to illustrate my point.


    The blog I need help with is nellnerhegeb.wordpress.com.



    Its called free speech! you may not like it but thats what we call democracy !



    Ignorance of the law is no excuse in any democracy. Freedom of speech does indeed come with restrictions in all democracies. Advocating the mass killing of any race is not the responsible practice of freedom of speech in any democracy. In every democracy that is an offence against the law.


    After looking at the two web sites mentioned, I believe the original poster of this complaint (Ellen) is over-reacting, and falsely describing the “Tonka Report” blog site.

    First off, the racist content was reactions in the form of comments made by others in response to an article on the blog. The blog itself consists entirely of reprinted material and reposted YouTube clips from conservative and/or conspiracy theory outlets. There’s no significant original content at all. It’s sort of a low-rent version of Fox News. So, to what extent is the guy who’s getting all the content from elsewhere also responsible for the reactions of any idiot that reads and reacts to it impolitely?

    Secondly, the only content at Ellen’s web site is a single screen shot of the racist comments. Why would you establish a blog for that alone? This leads me to believe that Ellen may be someone with a personal grudge against this stevenjohnhibbs guy. Otherwise, why lie about his content?



    Thank you, that’s what I was looking for. I will try this immediately.

    The owner of the website makes racist and degrading statements in several comments on his blog, as well as encouraging the racist comments of the other users.

    It is true that I created an account for the purpose of reporting this site after I saw it. I can assure you that I don’t hold a “personal grudge” against the owner of the blog, it’s just that I don’t respond well to a site advocating the killing of all Jews.



    You’re welcome.


    Ellen, if that’s true it is indeed regrettable that anyone could advocate such a stupid, evil, and discredited idea. However, there’s no shortage of ignorant a-holes and bigots in the world, and you are still mis-characterizing this person’s web site. It’s all reprints, and 99% of the articles have nothing to do with Jews. He has no influence. He’s not a danger. You are over-reacting. You are trying to shut down someone whose main crime is being unoriginal.



    To me, this 1% is too much. I see your point. But it is my belief that all hate speech, regardless of the size of followers, is deeply damaging to society.


    I see your point as well. I guess what WP must decide then is whether it qualifies as “hate speech”, or just stupid speech (therefore First Amendment protected). If he had a big audience, I might be more concerned.



    As Einstein once said: The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits.

    No doubt about it primitive thinkers on this planet have a right to say whatever they want in private spaces and places, but that right does not extend to advocating violence of any kind directed towards any race or identifiable group of human beings in public spaces and places within democratic nations. Advocating the mass killing of any race or identifiable group of human beings in public spaces and places is against the law in all democracies.



    If the website is all copyrighted material, the hate speech isn’t even an issue. Just report him for blog scraping and POOF! No more website.



    We strongly support everyone’s right to freedom of speech on WordPress.com, and though that may extend to folks we don’t agree with (or who downright disgust us), the principle of having the freedom to speak your mind is very important to us. Rather than shutting down blogs that may be offensive, we strongly recommend that you act in kind and share your own thoughts on your blog. http://en.wordpress.com/freedom-of-speech/

    However, personal threats or advocating acts of violence are not allowed here, regardless of our stance on freedom of speech. If you see a blog here advocating such things, please report them via http://en.wordpress.com/abuse/

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