Rampant plagiarism by harry5599

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    A subscriber to WordPress who goes by login “harry5599” has plagiarized every one of the articles that he has posted on his blog – including an article that I wrote for http://www.ezinearticles.com.

    The article that I wrote was published on 9/9/2009 and he tried to change a few words here and there to make it look like his own. The article that he plagiarized from me is located at:http://knowledgemanagementarticles.wordpress.com/2009/12/06/four-major-forces-creating-change-in-organizations-today-skills-that-managers-need-to/

    I posted the original article to my own WordPress site at: http://bizclass101.wordpress.com/

    A comparison of both articles can be made. I think that this is a foreign (non native English speaking) plagiarizer).

    He retains the titles of all the plagiarized articles so if anyone cares to check, just copy and paste the titles of his articles and you will see that he stole most of them from ezinearticles.com. Most of them are over three years old. I need for him to remove my article from his site. I have posted 3 comments to his blog telling him that I want him to remove my article and he simply discards my comments. Any suggestions?
    RM Tappin



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    BTW – my blog address is:



    rmtappin, I’m sorry to hear about someone using your work without your permission. Doing a support search and I came up with this link which gives you specifics on how to report it. unfortunately it’s the internet and sometimes this happens. Also support will be reopened here pretty soon with all the holidays winding down and they maybe able to be more help than I can.




    oh and also this link is very useful in a situation like this!




    http://automattic.com/dmca/ – we need one of these in order to act.



    http://bizclass101.wordpress.com/ and if it’s your content but you are also selling it elsewhere – it needs to be removed please. Duplicate content is not permitted.



    Or set to Private, right? I seem to recall that setting a blog to Private when it was effectively a duplicate of material elsewhere was ok by staff.



    Hi, Mark –
    I have never sold an article that I have written, and have never gotten paid for any article that I have written. After I came across my plagiarized material, and after I tried to contact the plagiarizer without success, I opened up an account in WordPress and published the original article. If compared, you can see that harry5599 tried to rewrite it, while keeping it as similar as possible. He needs to remove it.

    Thanks for all the support and suggestions from everyone! I will wait until I hear from Support before I proceed. This tells me that anything that anyone of you writers have written is at risk by people such as harry5599. I will let you all know how it turns out.
    Thanks, again!



    BTW – the plaziarized article can be seen on harry5599’s blog site at: http://knowledgemanagementarticles.wordpress.com/2009/12/06/four-major-forces-creating-change-in-organizations-today-skills-that-managers-need-to/

    The original article can be viewed at: http://bizclass101.wordpress.com/

    ALL of his articles are stolen mostly from ezinearticles, changed slightly – while retaining the original titles – and most seem to be over a year old.




    Since Staff have already advised what you need to do about this, please let us know how it turns out for you. Cheers!



    I’m concerned because by posting the urls here, instead of placing them only in the DMCA complaint, you are risking sending the plagiarist traffic to the articles he stole from you.



    Also as Mark pointed out duplicate content must be removed. If you have published it in more than one location you can be subject to duplicate content penalties.



    Thanks, timethief and justjennifer…

    Mark said something about getting paid for it..which I didn’t…I just write for the enjoyment of it as I am still a full time student at this time. I only published it on wordpress to counter the plagiarizer. To be honest, this is all new to me so I have a lot to learn. I will view the video you so kindly embedded. I’ll keep you all updated… so much to do! :(

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