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    I think this would be really useful in linking everyone in a network and bringing new ideas and food for thought, as well as increasing overall traffic through wordpress and users staying on and seeing what others are up to around the world, rather than just logging on and updating own blog and leaving.

    Another thing could be extending these forums to be more than technical help and suggestions, more a place for like-minded people to meet and link to related posts/blogs in their fields of interest.
    This could help set aside wordpress as more than yet another blog hosting site.
    Thank you for reading.



    Hi. There are Off-Topic and Showcase sections in these forums I thought they filled the role you are describing in your 2nd suggestion.



    ah yes… think a further sub categorising could make it more friendly could have a discussion about human enhancement and robotics on the same board as harry potter
    *Subcategories could be:
    Mature topics
    Movies & TV
    Video Games
    News & Politics
    Religion & Phil.


    The primary function of these forums is technical support for using wordpress.COM. That is their purpose. I would not, nor do I think it would be useful to add a bunch of general topic social functions to it as it would make it much harder for people to search and find answers to their questions.

    If something like that were to be provided it would, in my opinion, have to be completely separate from the technical support forums.


    As for your other suggestion, the URL for a random wp.com blog is like that:
    You can easily turn that into a link in your sidebar or a bookmark in your browser.



    @panos: Your suggest works unless, by chance (or misfortune) you land on a blog that was deleted or suspended, which is what happened the first time I clicked on that URL.



    There are no shortage of chatty forums on the internet. If you want one of your own, start one.



    The /next/ link works best if it’s set to open in a new browser, or tab. They really need to bring back the ‘arrow button’… I always thought the random blog thing was one of the cooler WP features.

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