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    I want to change the order of my gallery slideshow http://shootfromthehip.us/over-a-decade-of-images/
    I see there is the option for a random order to change the order of the images, but when I select random and save the
    setting. I still see the same image order.

    What step am I missing to make the slideshow randomly change the order? And if there is a way I can change it back
    to the previous order? I have about 100 + images.

    The blog I need help with is shootfromthehip.us.



    To the best of my knowledge, the slideshow doesn’t have any Random order parameter. That option is for the Gallery feature only.

    See here: http://en.support.wordpress.com/slideshows/


    Yes, I saw that. And was wondering if there is another way around this, or do I change
    my slideshow to a gallery view?



    You might want to investigate the other slideshow options mentioned at the bottom of that Support Document. :)

    Of course you could use the Gallery feature, but with 100+ images, it certainly will take up a lot more room on the page than the slideshow.

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