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Random people "liking" my posts

  1. Once a day, I get a notification that someone has "liked" a blog post. It's always different people; they are not subscribers, and their posts have nothing to do with what I write about (my blog is all about my hometown). Does anyone else have experience with this, or have any insight into who these random "likers" are, and why they're doing it?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I wish I had random support! I would assume people are doing it so you'll see they liked your post and hope you'll read their posts/like them/follow them.

    I know sometimes I follow people without commenting because I want them to follow me back and I don't really know what to say on their blog /dark secret revealed

  3. there are two ways to like a post:
    1) To visit your blog---read the whole post and click on the like.
    2) To click on 'Like' tab in my reading list above your post.
    Here's a third one that used to be called tag surfer: People do not have to go to your blog note there is an opportunity to "like" your post…

  4. THANKS, Timethief -- maybe my tags are generating this. Go figure!

  5. Maybe :S

  6. thebirdingbunch

    I suspected there were people who did that, vilipend. I had disabled likes, but still got them. I resorted to changing my most used tags and categories to a fairly obscure language. I once tested this by using the "Photos" tag in one post and BAM! all these likes and followers. I don't mind followers, but would rather be followed by those I hope enjoy what I write and want to interact.

  7. Timethief, you're right about the "tag surferrs." A while ago, I wrote a post called "A Good Westport Yarn" (as in "tale"). Today it was "liked" by someone whose "great posts worth seeing" (according to WordPress) were about crocheting and decoupage!

  8. @dwoog
    I thought this might be a tag server "like". What more can I say?

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