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Random Poetry Thread....

  1. Sorry, Was thinking of this poem called "Hello" we recently studied in class. It was quite a good poem, and i got an A in it (:

    The poem is written by Sheenagh Pugh, but i can't find it anywhere.
    Could anyone find it and post? It would be greatly appreciated (:

    ALSO...if anyone has any poems that they enjoyed, feel free to share it!

    Thanks x

  2. I tried looking but couldn't find it. Try here:

  3. for all those who love poems
    I can recommend ,not because i have a page on it , but because I love the site and enjoy poems posted by others.
    my page is
    incidentally i have a poem on Hello friends ,May not be as good as sheenagh pugh's but reaching out to all nevertheless


    may be small

    as a word

    but, so is a star

    when seen from afar


    when seen from close

    it may be

    much larger, warmer

    and radiant

    than a hundred suns

    Sending you

    this Hello, which

    if you let it come close enough

    to touch your heart


    would find to have

    warmth , brilliance and radiance

    of hundred of suns



    More Poems By Mukul


    The Author has copyright © of the poems
    Page images and content copyright © 2001
    Do not copy

  4. Anyone else notice the irony?

  5. i like your poem mukulsworld. =)

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