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    Where is the random post feed across the title bar of the “Contempt” theme. It’s a great look and feature. Could it be added? It also has the RSS links to the right. Was hoping you could add that piece in for us.



    There seems to be a misconception that needs a little clearing up. A lot of requests are posted for theme modifaction that go beyond repairing what may be broken and go into design of a certain theme.

    The themes on offer by WP.com are just that themes, and the people behind the service provide them from other designers. The features in each are as they were originaly designed.

    That’s not to say WP.com can’t fullfill your request but it also isn’t their prime reason for providing a free hosting service.

    I suggest you send your request via the feedback form it may get more and quicker attention.



    As an aside, I’ve noticed that you use a sitemeter on your blog. I’ll have to add that to the FAQ as people have asked about that.



    I am not sure if you are asking how I did it, but if so, it is very easy. I already had the sitemeter html from a previous blog. I simply created a new link category, input the HTML code they give and then broke apart the url, img link and description. Believe me, if I can do it….anyone can. Hope that helps.

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