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  1. When a blog has a great deal of posts, readers don't want and don't have the time to go through all to possible 100+ posts written there in order to make an idea of the blog's content.

    Thus, a plugin that allows the reader to select a random post is necessary. He just clicks on a button and a random post is displayed.

    Interesting, right ? It is useful for sure.

    I've searched for a possibility to add such a plugin, but unfortunately uploading plugins is only available to wordpress.ORG (or so I understood).

    I came about this widget at Perhaps you could make us a little surprise gift by adding such a widget.

    The widget is here for download:

    Who's in favor ?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. it can be done here now - no plugin needed - I think it is short code in a Widget.

  3. Can you tell me how, please ? I really need it.

    Thanks in advance

  4. Uh, that function has existed here for years. I use it on my own blog (click the 20-sided die in the sidebar).

    The link you want to use is http://.

  5. Put the text in a Text Widget (Dashboard >> Appearance >> Widgets)

    I had to log out of this account an log back into another account where I use this on a a blog that is not linked to this account - so takes a few minutes to do all of that

    Good luck

    Random Article from Your Site

  6. Huh. Dunno where the extra prefix came from.


  7. Posted the code wrong - pay no attention to the code that was converted to a link that does not work

    Put the text in a Text Widget (Dashboard >> Appearance >> Widgets)

    <a href="">Random Article from Your Site</a>

  8. God bless !

    Thanks Raincoaster and especially Auxclass. You guys rock !

  9. Since you are already helping me, I have one question for the both of you.

    How can I make the posts appear only in a summary before they are clicked ?

    I have the option checked at settings/reading/ "For each article in a feed, show"... I clicked on Summary, but it doesn't work.

  10. Please do a search of the forum for that. It's asked and answered multiple times a day.

  11. Alright. Thanks :)

  12. Search for "More Tag"

  13. also lots of info here:

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