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  1. Dear WordPress,

    There are a lot of varied ideas/bloggers/posts on your site. Is there a way that you could create a button for "random posts" from all WordPress bloggers?
    I find that I use the same "tags" to look for new content... but what if the stuff that I'm interested in isn't tagged at all, or is tagged with something I don't ever think of?
    What if I write something that turns out to be pretty cool, but I don't happen to use a catchy tag that day?

    Maybe there could even be filters - like random posts from the last 24 hours or the last week, random posts from a certain country, or other big, general categories.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Thanks for sharing your ideas.

    We don't have a "random" category as you describe, but we know it's fun to stumble upon posts that we didn't expect to, or be drawn to a topic we don't normally seek out.

    The Freshly Pressed tab is an editor-curated stream of picks across topics: This feed will be updated/expanded upon later this year.

    You'll also find big general categories of blogs in Recommendations:

    You might already be familiar with these tabs, but wanted to point out just in case.

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