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Randomly disapearing "next entries" and header image

  1. Completely randomly, the "nextentries" link will disappear from my blog. This is also true of my Image header. This happens whether I am logged on or not, and also happens randomly at different computers around my city on different browsers. When I refresh the page, the link and the image header stay invisible. Though If I check my blog an hour later, the link or/ and the image header are visible and accessible again. What exactly causes this, and how can it be remedied it?
    I'm mostly concerned with the "next entries" or lack there of, since It hinders the pint of having a blog.
    Thanks for your help.

  2. The Next Entries thing is a bug that people have been reporting for some time. No known cure, unfortunately.

    As for the header, it sounds like there might be some issues with the server it's on. Can you give us a link to your blog to take a look?

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