Randomly missing images when importing from large WXR file

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    I have a large WXR dump (15M) which consists of 602 posts, 8863 comments and 1967 images.

    I have performed a simple experienment, by creating 3 blogs in wordpress.com to test the importing feature.


    Blog A: 602 posts, 8863 comments, 993 images
    Blog B: 602 posts, 8863 comments, 858 images
    Blog C: 602 posts, 8863 comments, 900 images

    As you can see, posts and comments are fine, but the number of images imported seem to be random (they are from the same WXR file) and around 50% of them are missed.

    Are there any limitation on migrating image during import from WXR?
    (I can provide the WXR file if you want to test)

    The blog I need help with is imagetesta.wordpress.com.

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