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Rape Victim of the Roman Catholic Church blog

  1. lettershometoyou

    I wholeheartedly support your cause, vorbtrcc, but your methods here are neanderthal. All caps + bold = screaming so loud I shut you out. If your message is clear and lucid, you don't need to be such a loudmouth.

    As for your blog, bump up the font so old farts like me can read it without having to adjust their screens, and lose the background. Awg!

    Good luck to you.

  2. I'm seconding what lettershometoyou said above.

  3. victimsofrapebythercc

    I apologize for that, but it seemed the two who were attacking me on the thread just could not get it through their thick head that this is not what this thread was for. If they want to discuss or debate the merits of what I am saying, then do so on the blog and not on the thread.

    I am still VERY RAW from all of this and these kind of people who are apologists just piss me off to no end ya know and again I apologize to others for seeming to be too loudmouth. I am very passionate about this problem and having been attacked personally by some of the people I talk about in the blog just pisses me off even more and makes me even more passionate to stand up to their attacks against me.

    I will bump up the fonts for old farts. I'm an old fart too so I understand your point letters.

    As for the seo, I am using a seo optimization program that I use for my photography website and I have found it works really well. I am already on top of google for many of my search engine tags and terms for this blog.

    I guess I am asking is does anyone have any suggestions for other tags, categories, and for linking this blog to other sites to get more exposure.

  4. Dude, whatever help you're getting doesn't seem to do much for you. I smell BPD or trolling. Not sure what at this point. If I were you, I think I’d shop for another therapist. I have a hard time believing that your layer endorses this kind of erratic behavior. I wouldn’t exactly choose you to be a poster child for the atrocities that are committed by some catholic priests.

    Get help for your anger issues. I’m not saying you’re not entitled to be angry, but anger will only get you so far.

    I tried reading your blog, but I couldn't understand most of it. Were you drunk when you posted? Or did your enormous rage cause you to have an embolism? You want sympathy, empathy and love and understanding, but the way you are going at it is only pushing people away. You are for sure pushing me away.

    For the sake of all the abused children I ask you to please take a breath and be quiet for a while. What you are doing is a disservice to us all.

    I'm curious as to which attack you are referring to. All I could see was people trying to help you. Now take a chill pill.

  5. victimsofrapebythercc

    Hey kyllingsara....go take your ADHD or ADD or BPD drugs and go sit in a corner.

    The ONLY troll on this thread is you and your fellow freaks.

    Maybe the only reason you could not understand most of it is because your brain is so full of drugs and drink that you have no mind left.

    No, it is you and your ilk who are doing a disservice to all rape victims and victims of priest pedophile abuse.

    So go and take your own chill pill will ya?

  6. I rest my case. Troll

  7. victimsofrapebythercc

    I see the little kiddies trolls of katazacrack are alive and well and trolling this thread trying to play with the big boys.

    Don't like my threat or my blog kiddies....then it is as simple as not reading it, or not posting to the thread.

    Now go home to your mommies and play your PS3's.

  8. victimsofrapebythercc

    Oh and that is don't like my thread...I don't want any of you little kiddies to say I threatened you and go crying to your mommies I am picking on your poor little sad lives.

  9. "Play with the big boys"? Really. You're probably not worth it, but I feel sorry for you. Trapped in your anger or disilluisions. I still think you are a troll. What a sad, sad individual you are. Lashing out incoherently at everyone and everything that moves. You kind of remind me of the ranting homeless person I pass on the street every day.

    That blind anger will kill you one day.

  10. I know this is probably wasted efforts, but here is a list of symptoms of BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder). I will also provide a link; I think it would be beneficial for you to check this out. This is coming from someone with great sceptisism towards that diagnosis, but that anger of yours is just such a red flag.

    Following are hallmarks of borderline personality disorder:

    Intense fear of abandonment, real or imaginary.

    Having intense relationships with lots of conflict, and seeing the other person as “all-good" or “all bad."

    Feeling unsure about one’s identity; a lack of “personhood" or non-existence. Feeling empty, like one has a black put inside them that can never fill up.

    Engaging in impulsive “pain management" behaviors, such as going on spending sprees, having promiscuous sex, driving recklessly, abusing drugs or alcohol, binge eating, breaking the law, threatening suicide or making attempts, and engaging in self-harm.

    Being emotional unstable: frequent and fast mood changes; uncontrolled, intense anger and rage; and intense sadness and irritability.

    "When in a rage, it seemed like my BP partner was channeling an evil spirit. Her eyes had no life in them: just a blankness. She didn’t see who I was or how she was hurting me. There was no way to negotiate, no way to reason or argue. She did not understand rational arguments.

    Her voice would become more rapid, accusatory, demeaning, patronizing, irrational, and paranoid. Her tone was very fast—rat-a-tat-tat—like she was firing at me. She would pace and become very menacing, growing closer and closer as I became more and more afraid."

    Paranoia in very stressful situations; episodes of numbness or “zoning out" or “dissociation" (feeling numb or "zoned out").

    Here is the link:


    Good luck.

  11. victimsofrapebythercc

    You both are really, really funny. So tell me where you got the license to practice medicine and where did you get your Masters in Psychology?

    I hear your mommies calling you in. It is time for you both to take a nappy nap.

  12. victimsofrapebythercc

    Oh and if you, as you said, read my blog and could not understand it, that makes you an idiot and someone who never paid attention in school. Maybe you were more involved in getting all the boys to notice you. See you seem really, really lonely so you got to come to this thread and instead of sticking to the topic, you play like your some kind of psychiatrist who knows everything.

    Typical of todays kid teenagers. They think they know it all and can advise adults on things they do not have one iota of a clue as to what they are spewing out of their pie holes.

    Do me a favor little kid.....grow up and just go away.

  13. You both are really, really funny

  14. - Do you think I'm funny?

    - No, dumbass, he thought I was funny.

    - Shut up, he meant me.

    - Watch it, or I'll whack you over the head with his patronizing tone.

    - He meant me, but now I have go tell my mommy that he is picking on my poor little sad life.

    - Do that, Today's teenager, while I go make sure the boys notice me. No wonder I'm so stupid and never pay any attention in school.

    - I'm sure my mommy will let me play my PS3.

    - No, I think you need a nappy nap.

    - He told you too to take a nappy nap. See:

    I hear your mommies calling you in. It is time for you both to take a nappy nap.

  15. To the OP: Sorry to hear of your struggles. I hope it gets better for you very soon. I just read your blog and was saddened to imagine any child being put in that position by a mentor!

    To the person who posted the BPD info, please check into the work of Marsha LInehan. She is the authority on this topic and a survivor of the disorder and her description of it is just so much more humane and non-judgemental.

    BPD is an illness, not a criminal offense. People who have it need to be supported, not shamed accused. The new therapy is really very good!

  16. (0n that note, it's best not to diagnose each other. Leave it to the pros.)

  17. My initial intentions were not to be spitefull or offensive and in hindsight I should not have been sucked into a fruitless exchange with original poster.

    I am fully aware of BPD and Ms. Linehan. Having met her on a couple occasions and have a few opinions on her and her work. Not suitable here.

    Yes, BPD is an illness, and not a criminal offense. I agree 100%. No arguments.

    And I was wrong in my attempt to push my "help" on someone who might or might not be ready for it.

    I sincerely hope he gets the help he needs.

  18. My point stands however. Anger only serves to push people away. In the long run, The line between an explanation and an excuse is very difficult not to cross.

  19. This thread has become a vicious name-calling and illogical mess that should be carried on in one blog or another rather than in this public forum.

    As such, I will wish peace to all while I close this topic.

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