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Rapid Response! Good Work Everyone!

  1. I am still shocked how people who help out in,, and the wordpress mu support forums are so fast! I personally get a real kick out of how fast we are! I have posted in 'many' other forums looking for support and a couple of days before a response is quick! We rarely hit 1 hour. Incredible......


  2. Ah, if I had a dime for every time I've been called fast...


  3. that's because the volunteers are proactive people who step up and offer help if and when they can, and others who see this sometimes emulate that, which is how gets a growing amount of regular volunteers.

  4. @ Trent
    Thanks. Being recognized and appreciated feels good. :)

  5. We have people helping in the Mu forums?

  6. @drmike
    *chuckle* ... he means you.

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