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    I’d like to set up a blog (or forum) where posts could be rated by readers. The idea would be that each post would represent an idea. The idea would be discussed via comments and each reader could rate the value of that idea, say, on a scale from 1 to 5. The average rating would be displayed next to the post.

    Anybody have any idea how I could do that? Is there another system I could use to accomplish it?

    Thanks very much for any insight anybody can offer.




    Pretty much the identical post to your other one. Answers in the other post to send in a feedback to the staff through your admin area supporting this addition!




    Agreed. Some of the VIP blogs have this feature so technecially it’s doable, just not currently allowed. (The polls requires seperate tables so that’s probably not something that will happen any time soon. Ratings can go into the options database table since it’s just a vote count.)

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