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  1. what do you guys of think of my blog?
    is it bad that I post links to other sites, if I find interesting stuff around the web?
    look around my blog, and tell me what you think.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Its not bad to link to other sites, in fact, they most likely appreciate it a lot!
    As long as you add to content you quote, then youre a typical blogger.

    Work on that header graphic. Make it smaller, less height :)

    Not bad, though, not bad.

  3. Could people plz check out my book review blog??? Id really appreciate your opinion and feedback....I havent recieved much so i dont know how to improve......

  4. @andreasays
    I'd love to, but you have left no link, so...

  5. um 7
    informative. just not my kinda blog :)

  6. There's a WP forum for announcing new blog posts:

    I use it. I also check it to see what's new.

  7. You should really post this in the rate the user above forum.

    You need to work for for your keep here by helping others out by rating theirs as well.

    ~Lady T

  8. Ya know, that's one I've never looked at. While I'd love to get feedback on my blog, I'n not as comfortable with "rating" other folk's hard work. But if they ask... ;-|

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