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  1. Hi! i need opinions on my blog n people 2 rate it /10.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I visited your blog a few minutes ago. I was wondering why people are not interested in it. In fact people avoid religious topics these days. Your blog is a nice one. 5/10
    You just need to write the actual words instead of slang ones.

  3. It's not that I avoid them, its that it really doesn't interest me. 3/10

  4. @iphonist1
    Hi! i need opinions on my blog and for people to rate it /10.
    Is that better? ;-)

  5. @ ardpete

    i noticed you are not very open to other religions. Why?
    But thanks anyway for looking at my blog:-)

  6. I'm not open to any religion because I absolutely believe there is no God.

  7. It looks like it's written by someone different to the person who posts on the forum! By that I mean it's written well. Although in my opinion you need to shorten posts on your homepage to enable easier scrolling. If people want to read a post they can click to read more (4th button from the right on the top row in the edit screen).

  8. Umhassim:

    In line with tltcl comments:

    You should explain in the About Page, who you are and the purpose of your blog. If there are writers for this blog, then you should be posting the guidelines for your writers. (Unless they don't know about your blog.)

    I did post my comments but they were not published yet. Is it because the authors are unable to respond?

  9. I will add that my About Page is 1 of the top 10 most highly read pages/posts for my personal blog. This is a serious indicator that when people come to my blog, they are curious to know who is responsible for the blog, its main focus, etc.

  10. readytochangenow

    I am not sure how to rate a blog on 1-10 because there are so many different factors. Design, content, topic focus, writing, colors, engagement...

    A piece of feedback if you are interested - White Space is your friend, dense posts demand a lot from a reader.

    I agree with @maidiebike, the About page is the first place I go to if I like a blog.

  11. @ ardpete
    Oh! so you an athiest.

    @ tltcl
    :-) i will do that right now.

    @ maidiebike
    No. im the only author. i did read it but was just a bit busy. I will respond shortly. Thanks! :-)

    @ readytochangenow
    ill make a point to do my about page this weekend. university calls tomorrow.

  12. For other readers here, for thoughtful blogs that address issues of Muslim culture in Middle East, below is focus on Saudi Arabia: The blogger is an American writer who married a Saudi man. They were married for a long time. He died. She herself has cancer now and is now a roll to pack in as many blog posts. I think she senses her life is shortened. It's great reading. She lived there for years. An university-educated Saudi woman who is Muslim but is clearly a feminist.

    It important to reveal briefly who you are as a blogger. It can give support to your words and gain trust of your audience.

  13. readytochangenow

    Great picks @maidiebike...

  14. I'd say 5/10 for the layout and detail, but I am also an Atheist so I cannot relate to the content. I'm sure there are loads of people who will enjoy reading your blog however, but it just isn't something I'd be interested in reading.

  15. to be honest it doesnt interest me, but for those who it interests im sure its good.

  16. Umhassim: Are your authors aware of their articles on your blog?

    Would you allow them to respond to comments? I believe I commented on a blog post that was not written by you, but by a guest writer.

    Best of luck with your studies. Let us know if you write stuff yourself. I haven't no time to figure this out now. Off to work.

  17. @ maidiebike

    Yes most of them are. But those articles that are not, are just to inspire people with no copyright. Most of the articles a very close family member writes. I am going to take of the comments box soon and have a email that you can send comments and feedback to. Thanks Alot!:-) i just started today. We do have other websites and we also have newletters that we send fortnightly.

  18. I think it's best umhassim, to allow anyone to post comments publicly on your blog. You can always change your blog settings so that you moderate incoming comments, before you approve them.

    It is always better to let the original writer respond to comments publicly. Your personal, face-to-face relationship will be kept intact and cordial with authors. Your relationship with them is far more important than getting blog traffic.

  19. @umhassim
    May I suggest a post that may be helpful?
    Why About Pages are Essential

  20. @ maidiebike

    I will consider it. :-) but i prefer a email which you can send comments to.

    @ timethief


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