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    The blog I need help with is

  2. 6/10

  3. 7/10

  4. 1/10
    cause ur but I give you a 1 for effort lol :P

  5. 8/10 (because of that one time you were mean to me ^_^ )

  6. 9/10 - Looks professional, easy on the eyes, reads well, has lots of content, its informative, and its involving. :)

  7. 8/10

  8. Would have been 10/10, but then I realized the banner was just a ploy. So, for getting my hopes up only to crush them, 1/10. But seriously? 5/10. Your "about" claims the idea of the blog is to express your opinions, but it's more reporting and less opinioning. Opinion more, you boobs.

  9. 5/10

    Im sure the content is nice and all, but the theme is just bland.

  10. 8/10

    Very nice and clean site. The only drawback if you can even call it that is that the site is new so there is not much content yet!

  11. 7/10
    its has lots of things I like, 1st. your banner luff it, must be painful for her though LOL and your doll post interest and scared me but I hate the digg theme.

    btw, douglaskev, I was not mean to you :P

  12. AW1923

    8/10 for design

    2/10 for being Liberal

    10/10 for practicing her right to free speech

  13. 5/10 Its very plain....although 'theplainblog' is probably your intentions....since you set out to do what you wanted to do I guess a 7/10 now. lol great content though.

  14. 5/10 for content (still new)
    6/10 for idea
    7/10 for including anime ^_^


  15. thetatteredflag

    I have to give Kevin 8/10. Even when I don't agree with him, it is always interesting reading. Also his page is well organized and easy to navigate, a problem I find on a lot of pages.

  16. 20 snowglobes out of 1 New England souvenir shop.

  17. I give Imaculate Contraception 10/10 for not having a blog available to review, making my life pretty easy.

  18. 8/10. Design is cool, but i dont like what you are writing :D

  19. @whatfilm 0/10 for not liking the content, I happen to see nothing wrong with it unless you're all about morals and stuff LOL

    gentledove gets a 8/10 cause I like it and Im too lazy now to give a full review lol

  20. btw, I know, I know, I just felt it was necessary to review the dove's blog since I haven't reviewed it yet LOL

  21. 7/10... the blog is more of news thingy...

  22. 0/10 cause you dont have a blog its more of a online-store thingy lol :P

  23. 9/10.

  24. 0/10 because ndriuz didn't offer a site address.

  25. 7/10 i love your new post about treason, I felt that way towards president bush ALOT lol

  26. 10/10

    Some good reviews, cool theme, well placed text, pictures and videos, cool widgets :>

  27. 7/10

    I like video games!

  28. ..3/10 not sure what the overall point is?

  29. 8/10

    Not the kind of site I visit/read, but the layout's nice.

    You should consider implementing a contact page rather than posting your email address. People are more likely to contact you then and I'm personally always worried posting my email address.

  30. 5/10

    Thats just becuse Im not a person who loves music so much, but its pretty sweet. I like the theme!

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