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  1. cassandramarie


    Your "clue" isn't a clue, and "we're penguins are cool, not cold" doesn't make any sense, grammatically. (Yep, I'm going to be a grammar Nazi :P)

  2. 7/10

    Nifty crafts!

  3. 1/10, but only because the site is under construction!

  4. 10 I like it.

  5. 8/10

    nice and clean, good mixture of pictures and text, nice calm color theme.

  6. 8/10

    bright, nice to look at, lots of information, easy to follow even, reads well, not to busy.

  7. cant really rate your blog, but...maybe next time when you link your name to your blog :/

  8. 8/10

    enjoyed reading, informed blog!

    my blog is

    anyone let me know how to make my name a link to my blog? thanks :)

  9. 7/10

    informative, good commentary and straight forward clean blog design. Its new, so I'll give it time to grow.

    To link name to blog goto
    dashboard > users > your profile > go down to "contact info" and where it says website, enter your blog address and save changes

  10. 8/10. Looks like you have put alot of posts in your blog :).

    Mine is new so go easy :).

  11. 7/10

    - Good strong topics
    - Good theme (I used that one myself in the past, one of my favortes
    - Interesting looking banner

    - Very little amount of content
    - The font is a little small
    - The banner does not flow with the rest of the theme

  12. 9/10

    Good work , looks awesome.

  13. 4/10

    the page is a little plain, and there is not much content
    but, it is new, so hopefully youll get a feel for what direction you want to take things in

  14. 8/10. Good and interesting posts.

  15. 8/10

    Interesting on the way someone would make a blog about that. Cool!

  16. 8/10

    Lots of stuff to click on. Okay, so I can't focus. lol

  17. 0/10 cause I can't see the blog :P

  18. 9/10

    Ohhh my god, its heaven for gamers!!!!!!

  19. Waddya mean ya can't see the blog? :(

  20. 0/10 cant see your blog

    how about linking your name to your blog or providing us with a link.

  21. Oh wow.. I feel like a genius now. Haha. Sorry about that.

    9/10, Good reading.

  22. 4/10

    Not interesting
    Very little content
    Now I'm hungry...

  23. 8/10, very interesting information. It would be even more interesting if it had some colour in it :>

  24. 8/10

    Very nice, sleek and clean. Although the reviews are a bit out of date, which I don't have a problem with. Just games like (call of duty 2) which I am sure nobody revisits anymore. Its like reviewing Madden '02. But good stuff!

  25. 7/10

    Interesting that someone would make a blog like that.

  26. The above person is not my type so his contents did not attract me much.

    However his blog should be good since he has 2000+ shots lol…

    jtangel27 I give you, 6/10 Good Luck

  27. Interesting articles, pretty neat too... Btw you don't have to rate based on what you're attracted to. I give you a 9/10, even tho I don't find your articles interesting :>

  28. 9/10
    I'm keeping my vote!

  29. 8/10

  30. 0/10 and you should know why

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