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  1. 8/10 presentation is nice. Got a little lost but pictures are nice.

  2. It's like one big newspaper, I actually like it! :-) 8/10

  3. 10/10 for a gorgeous profile photo; can't rate a non-existent blog, though. Good luck puzinboots ;)

  4. 10/10 great content, imagery and A+ for farmers market stuff. I just went to one in town the other day. LOVE when we have them. Wish we had them more often! :D

  5. Wednesday, June 27 will mark the 17th anniversary of the mysterious disappearance of KIMT anchorwoman Jodi Huisentruit from Mason City Iowa. On the blog today... part 1 of looking into the strange case.

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  6. Make sure you're rating the above users blog, otherwise it belongs in the showcase forum or the "Today I posted" thread. :)

  7. and @mwalbridge it's the second time you've done that in this thread, just make sure you're following the rules and not just shamelessly self promoting, this thread is to help generate traffic to all blogs, not just to drive traffic to our own. You have a cool blog, if you participate, you're more likely to garner positive attention to it, just sayin :)

  8. Seriously.... this is getting kind of annoying lol. Why do y'all do that to me, I post here to find out if I need to fix or change anything so please... everyone remember to be courteous to the above bloggers and rate them like it says in the instructions. :)

  9. 9/10 - because the content is interesting and I really like your music. Though sometimes the header image loads slowly, and there's a lot going in the side bar so it looks a bit confusing and cluttered.
    I know I'm rating you again, just to try get this going =]

  10. Everyones say 'Inactive' so I've gone for the next one which was Puzinboots.

    Enjoyed your blog :) Liked your sketches and you seem really down to earth. Your posts don't drag :)

  11. 6/10 It's missing pictures. Pictures would greatly spice up your blog, especially when you have included recipes.

  12. 7/10 beautiful pictures! But the text is hard to read because all your paragraphs run into each other - I recommend using the < br > code on HTML if wordpress is doing that automatically for you.

  13. 7/10 - I quite enjoy your writing. It's entertaining and easy to read. The use of images as well helps. I'd say maybe add another widget to the side bar, the categories one, so people can browse your posts that way.

    Feel free to rate either of my blogs:

  14. @kymleemurphy Sorry about it! You're kinda harsh. 3 posts in a row dedicated to complaint. I got it on the first one. Don't forget to rate the BLOG!

  15. Oh wait, I forgot 7/10

  16. 8/10. Straightforward writing style.

  17. 8/10 Thinks out of the box & adds a good perspective to the biking world community. Check it out!

  18. @mwalbridge... lol actually that third one was to someone else who must have deleted their blog because their entry is no longer there for some reason, they did exactly the same thing as you did, right after I had posted to you haha. I only meant to send one to you but then I forgot to add more so you didn't think I was trying to be mean to ya, hence the second post. but then another person posted underneath and didn't rate, just posted their site to promo it and that's why I posted the third comment. Sorry for the confusion. ANYwho. good blog!
    good content, I'm surprised at your age, initially I thought you were much older from your writing style, and congrats on your graduation!


    I think your theme and header could use some work, but that's my bias against tiled images for a background. :) Hope to see more from you soon.

  19. @kymleemurphy Thanks for the clarifcation. To be honest, I was a little confused about the concept of this forum. This is going to sound like one of my dumb moments, but I thought we were only supposed to "rate the person who started the forum". So I thought to myself, "Why am I rating the same person more than once."

    Then I got that we were supposed to do the other people's. Haha, shoulda read closer.

    Okay, below the line is back on topic now. I think I've helped create enough turmoil and confusion.

  20. Now it's awkward because I don't know who to rate. I'll just rate @mwalbridge.
    7/10 ... neat, informative and intriguing

  21. Random Mix of everything Ellyche, something to suit everyone.

  22. absolutely subscribing and i've only skimmed a few posts. 8/10 :D

  23. Thank you Joelyroely :)

    I thoroughly enjoyed yours too :)

  24. 8/10
    Great blog. Added to my google reader. I'm trying to lose some weight too so hopefully your recipes can help me out a bit :)

  25. 9/10
    Your blog is one of my favorites that I follow. Clean layout, informative posts, good writing, etc.

  26. 9/10
    like the content, new follower for sure, and I really relate to your offended post. Especially that last line.

    the only thing that I think would add to your blog would be imagery, I'm not too crazy about the theme, but that's just me. It does serve to focus entirely on the content which is good, but if you thought about changing the theme, it wouldn't be a bad thing either :D

    can't wait to read more from you!

  27. 8/10

    I really like the slick presentation, it looks really smart.
    Alhough the content isn't really my thing I think it's a great blog

  28. 8/10

    Very dramatic color scheme, eye capturing! Great poetic content.

  29. 8/10 - I love the layout and the idea behind your blog. Your posts are varied and wonderfully detailed, you have a really great blog and a fantastic backlog of posts :)

    The Insanity Aquarium

  30. 8/10
    You've got a new follower. Interesting stories, clean layout, me gusta.

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