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  1. 8/10 - I already follow you so it's clear I like your blog. I enjoy reading your posts and some of them are very funny (I loved the story of your run in with the spiders).

  2. 7/10 - I love the layout and your posts are very detailed; it's just not really a topic I'm interested in, but I love the writing style and your use of images is well thought out :)

  3. strugglingactivist


    I like it, some very interesting posts and some very funny posts. A nice mix. I'd just change the top photo, for me it drags the blog down, and perhaps The Child freaked me out a little. Other than that I liked it.

  4. thegrumpyitguy


    While I'm not really much of an activist myself, I applaud the author's ambition and intentions. Nice uncluttered layout.

  5. 9/10
    HiLarious! Love your grumpiness, also, relate to a lot of what you've said... New follower, most definitely :)

    I know you've just imported recently, but I do hope you add more to your theme at some point, I think it would just be the icing on the fabulous cake.

  6. 9/10
    Loved your site. Well written and visually appealing.

  7. 9/10 - I loved the content on this site. The author is well spoken and sincere. If only I could taste bacon while reading, I would have given a 10. :D

  8. Lol, love the comics. Got myself a bit confused at first with who was talking but that's nothing bad on your part, I'm having numpty of a day today lol
    7/10 :D

  9. 8/10 - I like the blog (and am following it). The content is interesting, and I like the use of images. I'm not a fan of the theme but that's a personal thing. =]

  10. 8.5/10. Continue to write simply and don't be afraid to show us other art that you have potential. Like the different subjects that play off one another. Like your blog byline.

  11. alittlecupofcoffee

    9/10 - Nice blog, and good content. I really like the layout and use of pictures to break up the text.

  12. 7/10 - I love the layout, and your blog has a really cute feel to it. I also love the choice of images as it gives a lovely burst of colour to the page. The topics of the post aren't my cup of tea exactly (no pun intended :D), but your content is interesting and overall the blog looks great.

  13. 7/10 - wasn't sure what to expect. certainly not what I got but well written and creative (if slightly dark!)

  14. 6.5/10 - The subject isn't my kinda thing, but I read one of your posts and your writing style is good. You could do with more pictures though to break up the chunks of text and I think you should some widgets to the sidebar as the blog seems awkward to navigate and find things.

  15. 9/10 You've got some good subject matter, and I love your digital brush work and bird of prey photos. I personally find the orange font of the sunspot theme a bit distracting from art, but otherwise, fine. :)

  16. 10/10 that is perfect! it doesn't bore the reader, it isn't too detailed, it isn't too basic, it's perfect! I love it!

  17. Not particularly my type of blog to be honest. 7/10

  18. I have three blogs and don't know how to put them all up so I will list them.

  19. 6/10

    The blogs aren't really my thing and they aren't talking about something I can relate to hence the lower rating.

    That said, I really like the layout of each and the use of images. It also comes across very clearly the pride you take in your family - which I think must be the intention :)

  20. 4.75/10

    Sorry. Your background image needs to be edited, your header image is stretched, and the images you use in your posts need to have the text wrapping around them, or they need to be larger.

    Your sidebar needs a lot of work as well, maybe some photos, but definitely a Blogroll / Links widget or two and a Recent Comments widget would look great. And don't be afraid to add some videos to illustrate your stories.

    The actual writing is interesting and honest, and you respond quickly and intelligently to comments...

  21. diaryofaphatkat


    I love how personal this blog is. It takes a lot of courage to share our personal struggles. This blog is honest and true!

    The layout is great and I love all the do's and don'ts.

    I think there is a lot of info in the sidebar, but otherwise a great blog.

  22. 9/10

    I like blogs about people in the writing business or words from aspiring writers. This one is pleasant and well organized.

  23. 8/10 It's well varied so more chance that everyone will find something

  24. thenineoclocknewsincolour


    The background image is a bit strong and maybe you should create an about page? I could really find out what it was about.

  25. asdfkjhasjkdfh1902387123987

    you've found your topic I can see that. :D Good.
    there is room for improvement, meaning, will your blog stand the test of time? I've seen blogs die out very quickly before, so if you're back in a few months or so, your rating is sure to be higher :D

  26. 10/10
    You are awesome, your blog is awesome. I love your wit and, even more so, I love how clean everything is. Strong, clean lines. I sound like I'm grading art now, don't I?

    Anyway, loved your blog, fellow nerd. I am now a follower. :) No Twitter, though?

  27. 8/10 - You have a really awesome blog! I absolutely love the layout and the interesting images give an impression of the variety of topics you cover :D It looks wonderfully professional and the content is humorous... it looks great!

  28. This is for PattyDixon (as 'theinsanityaquarium' is showing up as inactive?)

    Rating: 9/10

    FANTASTIC layout, great mix of topics, funny, interesting and unique! Love it, keep up the great work! :-D

  29. 10/10 I can really relate to your most recent post... people ARE indeed crap. and I think a lot more people share your sentiments. I've been in this slump for like 2 yrs or more maybe feeling the same way and it's really changed me. I CAN say that I'm finally starting to feel better because I needed the realization that people are always going to be crap but I can choose who I really want in my life. I can choose everything. I know it seems like there's no end to the BS but there is, you just have to see the silver lining at some point, and it'll happen in the right time for you. I think one of the most intense and oddly beautiful things in this world is that people are so shitty, but we still continue to live everyday, usually with our best foot forward, despite the muck. Keep plugging along!


  30. This is for Zuzushafi, because Kymleemurphy is inactive.

    10/10 for content. Love it. (in fact, after this post Imma follow you!)

    8/10 for layout. Its nice, don't get me wrong, but maybe you should start using the "read more" feature (it cuts off the post where you tell it to so that people can click to read the rest). Honestly, I'm probably only saying this because I literally just discovered it and am in LOVE with it, but it makes the page look a little less looooong and a little more cleaned up.

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