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  1. ... It's showing I'm active

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  3. Ah, that made it work. Okay.

    Layout; 9/10. Great layout, clean design

    Content; 4/10. The posts don't seem to have any common train of thought... Have you thought of trying to think of a theme for your posts? Like, various ins and outs of being a model? I think it would be much more interesting to read if you were to write more about what it's like, how you prepare, how you get jobs/shoots/ads, annoyances on the job, etc etc.

    Just ideas, don't hate me! (trying to be constructive!)

  4. 10/10 - New follower!

    You write very similarly to how I think. I like that you have so many pictures in your posts, the theme is clean, makes it easy to focus on the entries.

  5. 10/10

    I'm already following you! Your comics are hilarious (:

  6. 8/10 You've got a theme going and know what you're talking about. It's always great to know what a blog is about right away and your articles are well written

  7. 9/10. For the theme you're using, which I never find terribly inspiring on anyone's blog, you've done well. Though I think you could do a bit better with the widgets in the side panel, for instance use image links instead of text ones, to match the rest of the content.

  8. PS People - ignore the 'inactive' that you sometimes see beneath people's usernames. It's a forum bug, it means nothing. The person is still a member of this community. Just continue as normal!

  9. @bridgesfolly, naw I don't hate anyone for crit, but I will say that my blog is a personal blog about the many going ons in my life... I'm not just a model, I do many many other things. That's why it seems discombobulated, because I don't really theme my writing in this blog. It's about everything. I am starting another more themed blog soon, but I'd like to keep it separate to avoid confusion.

    to rate absurdoldbird

    10/10 I LOVE your layout and the image is your own creation from my understanding correct? Very animated and attention grabbing.

    I also love your tangents, it's funny how you transfer from one topic into the next, it's chaotic but very funny, so it works. :D (lololololol) haha!
    I'm also a bracket-a-holic and a multiple lol'er

  10. lifelovelunacy

    Great personal blog, I found the FB conversation a bit tedious though.
    beautiful photos

  11. 8.5/10

    Written in a clear style. I like the "kid wrangling" as one of the tags. Suitable for younger kids, but for kids in 20's, you might have to retire that term later!

  12. 10/10 Maidiebike, your blog is a feast! Beautiful photography, integrated with good writing. Really fun travelogue/ sightseeing.The way you put together the photos and the descriptions makes me feel like i'm there myself seeing/ tasting it. Your tabs and categories are great for browsing around. (+ I love the goldfish widget!)

    My own blog is very pedantic (no matter how I try not to be!), and heavily focused on an obscure textile craft...

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