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  1. theinterpretationsofmyself

    Not bad, looks interesting, but a little bit too unstylised for my taste.

  2. hollythestrange

    2/5 Plain.

  3. Gothicish 3/5

  4. 4/5

    Images revolving around nature always look good. This is why computers have them as part of their standard profile images.

  5. 4/5

    intrigues me, but not quite enough to make me ask what it's all about ;]

  6. hollythestrange

    3/5 Nice angle, great photo, but there's a lot of self-photo avatars.

  7. 4.5 looks like a classic and original avatar but I am disappointed I can't find it larger anywhere.

  8. yuk leave your toe jam to yourself! 0

  9. hollythestrange

    4/5 MOOBS!

    (Oh toe mailer, my avatar picture can be found on numerous images/glitter sites, alternativley there's a larger version of it posted on my blog.)

  10. 4.5 - Ahh man, I just think it's really cute, haha!

  11. mosesandmusings

    5/5 A smile never fails to cheer someone up!(:

  12. hollythestrange

    5/5 I have a bracelet that looks like that.

  13. 3/5 cute but kinda melancholy looking :(

  14. hollythestrange

    5/5 I've been in such a brightly coloured mood recently.

  15. 4/5 cute and I just love red!

  16. 2/5: Misleading. Judging by the avatar, I was expecting to read an old movies review blog and I came accross some kind of diary.
    The avatar is original nonetheless.

  17. 4/5 I quite like the colour scheme :) and thanks for the above comment. It WAS pretty misleading... :)

  18. hollythestrange


    Looks like it could be an album cover

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