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    Hi, when I try to get the rating system to align to the right, by clicking the option for it, it keeps staying on the left. The only way I could get it to the right, was by finishing my article post with a <div style=”float:righ”>, which messes up the whole navibars and footers, because the </div> is missing. Do you have any solution?

    The blog I need help with is koreama.wordpress.com.


    Please paste the exact URL of your blog when asking questions here, or link your nickname to your blog (as explained in the Sticky 8 Things to Know Before Posting). We can’t help without that.



    Sorry, in my tests blog I can’t reproduce the problem, so I can’t work out a solution. Maybe someone else will drop by and be able to help you.



    On my test blog I cannot get the ratings to align to the right either sorry man.

    I suggest contacting staff to have them take a look at the issue http://support.wordpress.com/contact



    It is lame that the “advance” settings don’t work. Test much?

    You could do this if you had the CSS upgrade, which shouldn’t be necessary if the “advance” settings did work.



    Well, my setting for align is right, but as you can see, it is aligned left. Maybe it’s a problem with the theme or something.


    I’m back, with news: The advanced settings do work, but the alignment refers to the text (“Rate This” or custom) in relation to the stars (if you place the text above or below the stars) – not to the stars themselves.



    ah, ok, thanks for the info. I wonder if they could include some real alignment, not everyone is left-oriented ;)


    You can suggest it to staff:



    (Or in the Ideas section of the forum.)


    Have you tried the “position” setting? It has top bottom and “right.” I didn’t check to see what the right setting would do.


    Tried everything! Position right means text next to the stars (as opposed to below or above them).


    Ah! Why didn’t the then label that “text position” and why didn’t the label alignment “text alignment”?

    Usability testing here isn’t what it should be.


    Staff needs to read “Don’t make me think: a common sense approach to web usability” by Steve Krug.



    Right now the rating widget is an inline-element and we do not have a way to right align it which would suit every theme. If you have the CSS upgrade then you can control the layout of your rating widget using the “pd-rating” CSS class.

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