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Rating issues

  1. Hi, I have the widget Top Rating on my site but for some reason it doesn't seem to rate correctly. I have 2 posts with high number of ratings as well as perfect rating but it's sitting towards the bottom; example....a 12 count 5 stars rated post is being put under all the 3-5 count 5 stars rated post, which doesn't make sense. I thought it might be because it need a month to update in the "ALL" section but no, that's not it. Is there a glitch in this rating system? or is there a way to fix it somehow? Or is there something I don't know about? (like even though it listed as 5 stars, it's actually not?)

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I'll tag this thread for Staff assistance because I do not know how to help you. Another Volunteer may answer prior to Staff but I tagged the thread so it will not fall through the cracks and escape attention. Please subscribe to the thread so you are notified when they respond and please be patient while waiting.

    reference link

  3. Are you still experiencing issues with the Top Rated posts widget?

    When I go to your blog, it looks like it is ranking posts correctly:

    Please clear your browser cache and let me know if you're still seeing something different.

  4. yes...actually....for example I have a post, Episode 27 which rank 5/5 with 16 votes that is not in the top five at all and also Episode 26 which rank 5/5 with 10 votes, and Episode 25 rank 5/5 with 15 votes...again not on the rank and these three suppose to be higher than some of the others.

    And yes...I've cleared cache and history a few times already. For some unknown reason I think it's just these 3 posts that's not ranking properly...not sure why?

  5. I've been following the rank very closely and these three posts (Episode 25-27) never made it in the rank even once though it was a lot higher then some of the other ones....that's why I specifically think these 3 posts have some kind of ranking issue, but I'm not sure what and why....I'm wondering if there was one person that rank it 4 wouldn't show all 5 stars fill in right?...if all 5 stars are fill in that means EVERYONE had to rank it 5 stars right?

  6. Thanks for the added details. I'm looking into this further for you and will keep you posted.

  7. hi! ummm...anything yet? it true that the rating don't apply to password protected post?

    thanks so much for your help :)

  8. Hi there,

    Sorry it took so long. Our developers looked at this issue and this is what they found out:

    The reason the episode 27 post isn’t in the top rated posts is because that list is ordered by average rating, NOT by number of votes. The episode 27 post received one 4 star vote which brought the average down, while the others have an average of 5.0000.

    So the widget is working and calculating your top posts correctly.

  9. The number of raters wasn't the issue, I was confused because episode 25, 26, 27 all showed 5/5 stars and all filled in. If you said someone rate 4 sat then I will take ur word on it, that's the case then that's fine...I just raise the issue because it says 5 star out of 5 star....and all the stars are fill in, there's no half mark like the other ones wich indicate someone rating it lower...since there's no way to see the actual rating individually itself, it's hard to tell...I wouldn't be so confused if it didn't say 5/5 stars rating?

  10. Keep in mind that this isn't intended to be scientific. :) If this widget proves popular, in a future iteration we may be able to provide more data for the site admin or for display on the site.

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