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Rating, Sharing, Liking - Pls improve UI

  1. The current user interface for Rating, Sharing and Liking which appear between the blog post and the comment section is somewhat cluttered, IMHO. To make it worse, the Like button gets separated from the other two by the auto-generated standard blog publication footer text [This entry was posted on...]. This could just be minor aesthetic problem with the theme I use (Andreas09).

    Any plans to improve this, so that visitors might be able to see they are available for clicking?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. We Volunteers are not aware of any features Staff may or may not be working on. Would you like to share that with Staff?

  3. 100% agreed, with the addendum that reblogging NEEDS to be an option that is visible prior to Liking a post. I did a comparative study of reblogging a particular post and while it received over 800 reblogs at Tumblr, the identical post here received only one. The UI is a large part of the reason why.

  4. The support/contact people are gone. They won't be back before March 1st:

    Support will be re-opening on Tuesday 1st March at 9AM UTC.

  5. Indeed they are. I stumbled over that fact in another forum thread.

    <blocquote> The team is spending a week together to brainstorm various new ways to improve your experience, so we've shut down the form for most users until March 1.

    Users with paid upgrades will still have access to the form, and we'll be monitoring for new tickets when we can.

  6. ...bump...
    Just bumping to get some attention :-)

  7. Interesting thread, as I am often confused about where Like, Comments count etc appear on different themes. While I like my theme, I do think a count of likes and comments should be displayed at the top of a post (as in some themes).

    Consistency would be nice, I think as when reading other blogs it is sometimes hard to fine the bits & pieces. Although consistency would defeat the purpose of unique themes.

  8. @teamoyeniyi, I agree. I am not looking for consistency across all themes either. The problem I see is the auto-generated standard blog publication footer text [This entry was posted on...] which gets in the way of the Rate, Share and Like functions, creating clutter, while adding very little value. IMHO, this footer clutter discourages readers from using the social features mentioned above. I would like to see this UI improved without having to compromise individuality. Probably moving the footer out of this area is one option.

    If you look at the WordPress team blogs (ex., this footer will not be there. Their posts are immediately followed by a clean set of Sharing buttons, then an Email Subscription section, then the Like, and Comments.

  9. Please don't bump threads. Staff don't really go to the forums to get ideas: if you want staff attention, send it to them. Bumping the thread implies a new, related issue has sprung up.

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