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Ratings on dashboard

  1. Now we have a Ratings menu on dashboard. How it works?

    Thanks for the answer.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I haven't seen any official documentation, but you can enable it for posts, pages and comments. It is a way for visitors to give any of the content on your blog a positive or negative rating. Think of it as a scorecard for content.


  3. Interesting. Thanks again trent, I will try.

  4. I believe the ratings aren't displayed on the main page for a technical reason, although staff is working on fixing it.

  5. I've enabled the rating for comments but it doesn't display. what's the problem?

  6. Right now it will not show on the main page. There is some sort of technical issue. If you click on a post title then the rating thing should show up on the single-post page.

  7. Great idea with these ratings, but if the issue with apearance on the main page it will not be solved is a little bit useless. I hope it cand be solved.

  8. Yeah, it's not showing on the home page presently. Also I tried to enable it only for comments on one of my blogs but it did not work and worked only when I enabled ratings on the posts too! :(

    Hope it is sorted out sooner than later.

  9. According to staff, having the ratings show on the main pages of blogs has some pretty major issues they need to work through, but they are working on it.

  10. Thank you thesacredpath. I have enabled it on all my blogs just the same. Hope it is fixed asap. Amen! :)

  11. Yeah, I think it will be a popular feature. I'm not sure what the issue is, but from what staff said, it will take a good bit of work to get to appear on the main blog pages. I'm sure they will get it figured out, but it might take a while.

  12. It would also be nice if ratings were configurable for each Post or Page, like discussion/backtrack settings. While I'd like the ratings on my PI tutorials, maybe I don't want them on my About page. At the moment, it's all or nothing. Just sayin'...

  13. /nod to Jennifer. That is a good point.

  14. Ah, there is now Support documentation too.

  15. I used Nero Ratings for my blog. And you can choose your own custom image, right?
    Well, how do you make it different from one and another? (sorry for any bad grammars)

  16. any news from the main issue ?

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