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  1. devovolleyball

    when i went to my dashboard yesterday, i noticed a new option - ratings.
    i clicked the boxes, and my readers could vote on each post.
    this morning, the option is still in my dashboard, but the rating stars are not showing on the posts, though i can get a report of how readers had voted.
    a new feature? why isn't it still working?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Probably because it's so new. Report the error to staff via your Contact Support button. It's sort of a tradition that they do big changes like that just before everyone takes off for the weekend. Sigh.

  3. devovolleyball

    thanks rc. will do. have also sent a comment to polldaddy.

  4. The rating option when enabled only shows up on the permalink ( Article Link)when it is accessed by the browser.

    Here is a screen shot (post Rank). -->

    Comment Rank.-->

  5. devovolleyball

    yes, that works for me - thankyou
    but yesterday it was working fine on the "home" screen as well, but not today - australian time
    personally would like to have it on the home screen.

  6. Me to I would send in a request to staff by following this link -->

  7. devovolleyball

    i have sent in a comment to support. but it's holidays in the usa?
    happy july 4th

  8. @devovolleyball

    Same to you happy 4th of July. writing up a article about the nice Gem you found and crediting you in the post for it. = )

  9. devovolleyball

    @ teck - thank you

    Nick from support writes: You'll see the ratings if you go to the individual posts or pages. We had to disable them from showing up on the front page of the blog for now because of some problems it was causing.

  10. devovolleyball

    Nick further replies:

    > will it return to the "home" page when the problems are sorted?<

    Maybe. No guarantees at this point as the problem is a tricky one.

  11. Since this thread is about the New rating feature and Devovolleyball is mentioned in the article I thought I would post a link to the article I wrote up. New Rank System for post and comments!!! (

  12. Cool, great work and thanks for reporting back.

  13. You're welcome!!!

    Thanks for the update. = )

  14. I like the ratings feature, but like many others I hope you can solve the problem so the ratings show on the 'home' page

    Thanks again

  15. Great new feature on which, I think, they are still working on. At this point I must say I would love to see the sum of results maybe in the blog stats at the dashboard and maybe a "top rated posts" widget :)))

    asking for too much? :)))

    well i did anyways :)

  16. I think that will ultimately appear as a screen option on the post > edit page.

  17. Jesus Christ! It is such a welcome feature. I wish it is published properly on on WP blog once this feature is firmly established. :D

  18. devovolleyball

    Looks like a "... new sidebar widget to show your top rated posts, pages and comments ... should be live by next week."

    I have turned off ratings on my blog - - as people voted readily for the short time when they were accessed on the front page. Now that they are "hidden" in the comments, no one is voting. They get lost "at the top" too quickly. Even on, what are for me, very popular posts with 40+ comments, there are no ratings.

    And so, until the ratings make it back to the front page, widget or no widget, I'll be turning the ratings off.

  19. Me too, I would like to see Ratings on my home page. Most of my viewers never click on the permalink at all!

    Excellent feature by the way. Thanks for your efforts!

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