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    Hello all,

    I started this blog a few days ago; today was the first which i publicised or advertised it, and 170 thus far views is the reward.

    I suppose the views to comments ratio – on average – to actually be lower than 170:1 for most blogs, even catchy popular ones, so this is not so much a “Help me” post. Does anyone have an idea as to what that ratio is, though? I’m curious.

    Of course anyone with advice on how to encourage comments (other than to start writing about daily news and britney spears) is welcomed in offering it.


    The blog I need help with is oscardmaxwell.wordpress.com.


    “I suppose the views to comments ratio – on average – to actually be lower than 170:1 for most blogs”

    Excuse that, I intended ‘lower’ meaning the ‘170’ factor being higher. So (>170):1.



    Nice blog! I intend to write about that sort of thing in my future posts. Did you see the other day, the “oldest common ancestor” of us and chimps was uncovered, and apparently it walked upright on land, but still swung from trees like a chimp (not as well as the modern day chimp though)


    Wow, 170 viewers after first day of advertising is great, how’re you promoting it, I wanna know your secret!

    I just started promoting about 20 minutes ago, and got about 5 views xD

    I have a facebook fan page on Mentalism, with only 207 fans so far (started about a week ago), but the ratio for that is about 1:100, but as people are not always looking for your kind of blog when they come across it, it’s probably higher.



    What I mean is on a facebook page, fans aren’t the same sort of variable as viewers, there may be 500 viewers of the fan page, but 200 opted to actually become a fan, so therefore the comment count should be higher.

    If that makes sense. If not, ignore it.



    Here’s what Chris Brogan had to say in his comment made on a post on my blog on the subject of the ratio of comments to viewers.

    “The percentage of readers point was really important. I had been blogging for YEARS with only a few comments here and there, and then I realized that I had about 2-5% comments for my audience, and when I did the math on guys like problogger and copyblogger (all who started after me, but had much larger followings), they had closer to .5 – 1%.

    I’m glad you brought that part up. Makes a better comparison for folks.

    Great post, too.” No Blog Comments: It’s All a Matter of Perspective


    Thanks Jimmy.

    I advertised through reddit, digg, delicious and stumbleupon. Reddit gave me a huge majority of that traffic, it seems. Took a while to make accounts and stuff for the 4 sites, but it should be easy now – just advertising each new blog entry, which will be quick. I’ll take a look at mentalism, i’ve never heard of it (and i dont use facebook, so that could be a problem).

    Also: nice post about DRM and music – a topic i have alot of interst in.



    It completely depends on the subject material of your blog; after all, blogs that ask their readers questions will get more comments.

    But especially now, when people are dropping their comments on Facebook instead and spending their commenter energy on Twitter, there are fewer and fewer comments. I used to get one comment per 100 views. Now I get perhaps one per 600 views or so.


    Your link doesnt work, timetheif, but your post is intersting still.




    Oh for the want of a space – thanks raincoaster :)


    Thanks everyone; i’m comforted.



    One last point. The best way to get increase readers and comments is to leave meaningful comments on other blogs in your same niche. The more you comment on blogs in the same niche, and the more valuable your comments are, the more others reading your comments on those posts will become interested enough to click through to your blog, thereby increasing the possibility of securing more comments.


    I have started to comment on other blogs (which is a pleasure, wordpress is home to some wonderful people). I changed my theme, too, the old one was too dark and small i felt.

    I also had the “..must have 1 previous post” box checked, so I suppose alot of that traffic wouldnt have been able to comment in any case. Doh.

    Thanks again.



    Hello all:

    I am also new in this blog world. Stumbleupon gave me majority of that traffic, bu i have no idea what ” stumbleupon” is.




    If your primary purpose for joining stumbleupon is to promote your own posts think again. That’s not how stumbleupon is untended to be used. Stumble your own posts hardly ever and no ill will befall you but get into that habit then the ban hammer will fall or you will be made into a ghost poster. The same can be said if your primary activity pattern becomes one of stumbling posts from the same sites over and over again http://www.stumbleupon.com/url/sem-group.net/search-engine-optimization-blog/when-the-ban-hammer-comes-down-on-stumbleupon/

    Use stumbleupon as it is meant to be used and have a great time.



    I will second timethief’s caveat, but with respect to reddit. I’m a longtime redditor and I assure you, if all you’re posting are your own entries you will soon be recognized as a blogspammer (several are wordpressers) and will be downmodded without mercy.

    (hi, tt!)

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