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Raw HTML in Post Creation

  1. It seems that if I add some raw HTML in the HTML-view screen and then I look at the Update, nothing changes. Then when I return to the raw HTML in the HTML-view, what I put in there for raw HTML has either changed from what I entered or is completely removed.

    This is not complicated HTML, it is simple Center or Font or Color Tags: beginners' stuff.

    Even after SAVE, no changes are seen in the Post View.

  2. I'm guessing this is a backend issue and that you might like to point out to admin through feedback. But it might be worthwhile to consult the FAQ to see what html is usable in WordPress blogs first. There is such a topic in the FAQ and you sound like you'll have no trouble at all using the search box to locate it.:)

  3. For the record, I'd like to add that I, too, tried using HTML and the basic stuff like 'small', 'big', b, i, blockquote, all work.

    However, I can't use styles and centering doesn't work and neither does the align tag either.

    And yes, my align and style tags are removed after I post.

    I'm going to check the documentation on the HTML allowances in WP and see if maybe certain tags aren't allowed.

  4. I believe you'll find that "style" tags may be removed. As for centering images try <div> align="center"> </div>

    I hope this helps and you're not feeling "testy". It's a long weekend so we may not have the help were accustomed to having or as quickly as usual.

  5. Nahhhhh... I'm not feeling particularly testy myself. I'm just rather curious as to what does and doesn't work in WordPress.

    I'm testing it out to see if it would be a good way to archive stuff that I write. Someone suggested WP and another person suggested using a form of wiki. I'm currently testing out both and as far as useability goes, I think WP is a little more newbie-friendly.

    BTW, I don't suppose you'd know if there were a list of all the useable tags/formatting methods in WP?

    Edit: I guess CSS for the most part and a lot of the HTML formatting isn't allowed.


    Can I edit my templates?

    We are definitely mindful of making everything more customizable for our users, but at the same time we don't want people to have to look at HTML and CSS code, which is antithetical to the purpose of If you want complete control over your enviroment, you're probably better off running WordPress on a great web host of your own, but if you really don't want to worry about that sort of thing just stick around and we'll be adding more customizability as time goes on.


  6. Look you're probably not going to like what I have to say so remember that I have been kind, friendly and patient and that it's always bad form to shoot the messenger.

    You cannot edit your templates due to security reasons - please, please read the FAQ's and the documentation.

    Now quite aside from the position you have taken there is another point of view. The purpose of is to provide a multiuser blogging platform for those who do not know how to code. Yes, take a deep breathand read that again - it's for those who do not know how to code.

    Those who can code have the option of getting their own domains and downloading free wordpress templates and adjusting them to their heart's content on their own servers. They also have the option of going to webhosting, which is not expensive.

    On the other hand, those who cannot code and who do not wish to be bothered with all the blah, blah, blah and the never ending adjustments do not have options. That is why this multi user platform exists. It exists for people who just want to blog.

    The bottom line is is what Matt wants it to be so, the way I see it you have several options.

    Knowing that happiness is a choice one makes between one's own ears you can
    (1) make the happiness choice by accepting for what it is, be grateful for the free ride as well as the constant improvements to this less than 1 year old MU platform and focus on creating blogging content;
    (2) you can choose to be quietly unhappy and focus on creating blogging content;
    (3) you can choose to be unhappy and loudly bleat your unhappiness out on the forum and distract yourself away from creating blogging content;
    (4) you can move to a webhost and for a modest fee you and download a wordpress template to fiddle with free of charge;
    (5) you can download a wordpress template to fiddle with free of charge on your own server.

    On the other hand, people like myself have only one choice. This is why we bcome "testy" when we hear those with so many choices mounting high horses and trying to run the calvary.

    Please take note that I've said all of this to you in good humor and I hope you will accept it in the spirit it was delivered. Make the choice to be happy, okay. :D

  7. The style portion of the tag is removed for security concerns. Matt gave a link once where MySpace was hacked with a style tag.

    There's a list of usable tags in the FAQ.

    We ran into a situation a few months back where a user was trying to use the italiacs tags and couldn't because the body text was declaired to be 'normal' in teh CSS file. I'm wondering if this is the same thing.

  8. The HTML tag "a" is authorized but when I type

    <a />
    to create a link to a particular place in a post, it disappears compeltely after saving ; why ?

  9. Ups :-) I wanted to write

    <a />
  10. Sorry, it seems impossible to enter an html tag here with the brackets: so, without brackets, it is : a name = "xyz" /

  11. I have a feeling that the link that you gave somehow got eaten by the forums software.

    Is this what you're trying to put in?

    <a href=""></a>

    Please compare that with what you're doing.

    Also which editor are you using?

  12. Looks like you're getting confused between the HTML for an image and a link


    <img src="" />


    <a href=""></a>

    Hope this helps,

  13. Not at all.

    "a href=" is for a link to another html page or a target.

    "a name=" is for target inside a html page.

    It would clearer if I could write "<" and ">" in posts.

  14. Which editor are you using please?

  15. Yes, but I'm looking at your 'a name = "xyz" /' bit a bit higher up and it's got a trailing slash mark and I'm trying to figure out what exactly you're putting in there.

    Please copy and paste what you're trying to do into a post here in the forums. What I need you to do is place your code within backticks though. On a PC, it's the key right above the tab key.

    The a name bit is allowed. There's a FAQ on teh subject even.

  16. Oh geez, Timethief. First you misunderstand someone and lecture them completely inappropriately and unnecessarily, and then you can't stop going on and on about it, as if my testiness had anything to do with WordPress' limitations (it didn't and I love WordPress and I didn't care that my little issue had no solution).

    It's irritating to be talked down to. That's the long and short of it. I'm grateful you guys are moved by the spirit of altruism and sit here answering the often dumb questions of non-technical people like myself, but it's still not fun to be patronized, especially about something that had nothing to do with my question in the first place.

    No hard feelings from my end, but enough with the "testy" stuff.

  17. Which issue? I thought we hit them all.

  18. @apostate
    Please observe that I have posted only one thing to this thread since July 2nd, 2006 when I said:
    <blcokquote> "timethief Member July 2nd, 2006 at 10:54 pm

    Look you're probably not going to like what I have to say so remember that I have been kind, friendly and patient and that it's always bad form to shoot the messenger...."

    Then seven months later on February 10th I asked: "Which editor are you using please?"

    Which are you
    (1) a blind person who can't read dates?
    (2) a self-righteous bore?
    (3) a nightmarenepal in disguise?
    (4) a troll?

    If I had said anything out-of-line in July then our Moderator drmike would have publicly corrected me in this thread and or deleted what I said.

  19. Timethief, please reread the thread. You've posted a total of four times in this thread since July 2nd.

  20. @drmike
    I urge you to read this thread again. There was a 7 month gap between my last July 2nd, 2006 posting and the February 10 the, 2007 posting which was: "Which editor are you using?"

  21. Timethief, you're right, I'm wrong. Please disregard my comment. I didn't see the dates and jumped to a conclusion.

  22. @apostate
    I accept your apology but will I remain "testy" for some time to come ... arggghhh! ...

  23. It's something in the planetary alignments. Everybody is testier than usual, for whatever reason. Or maybe we're all in shock over Anna Nicole and it's natural that people in the grieving process have limited patience.

  24. @drmike

    Thanks for the FAQ link ("How do I page jump?"), I did not find it by searching with "name".

    The tag a name ="label" works fine now.

    It works bec

  25. @drmike

    Thanks for the FAQ link ("How do I page jump?") ; I did not find it by searching with the words "a" and "name".

    The tag a name ="label" works fine now.

    It works because I have written

    <a name="label1"></a>
    as it is recommended in FAQ and not
    <a name="label1" />
    as it would be normally sufficient in XHTML.

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