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    In the past I deleted a blog I wasn’t using, I’ve been recommended WordPress again and I am using it for a publication and I’m starting to really like it.

    I know urls are not recycled but I was wondering if I can recover my own deleted blog. I don’t need the post I would like to have the url again.

    Any help would be great.





    No I’m sorry but you cannot. There is no recycled of deleted blog addresses here at



    Thank you @timethief I read those articles too but I was hoping that even though it was stated it may not have been a practice.

    Several other services allow the owner of an blog to reactivate their deleted blogs, especially if content is not an issue. And in reality, I’m just asking for my original url. I’m it’s as simple as toggling a setting in the WordPress’ database.



    It’s not actually that simple, with the procedures in place here. When you see repeated statements that something is true, and they come from staff, they are generally true.



    I have been here for 6 years and have heard numerous please just like yours but Staff did not capitulate in any of those cases. In fact, if they had I would have been at the head of the line-up asking for the same service.



    I think they are missing an income opportunity here – charge for the reinstatement –



    I can understand why they wouldn’t agree to make this request. In short they are now backed into a hole.
    If they do it for one person, then they’ll have to do it for everyone.

    I’m sure it’s an ideological reason and less of a technical one. However, it’s a shame it can’t be done because it does harm the customer service aspect of this site.
    Trust me I’m not trying to flame WordPress or anything and I do understand that this is a free site and I should just be grateful yet, but I find it hard to believe a request like this is not feasible.

    I agree with @auxclass, if there is a worry about the floodgates opening around this issue, a nominal fee can be introduced or even part of the upgrade package.

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