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Re-activating the Snap Preview

  1. Hi ,

    I had Snap Preview on my site at . By mistake, I disabled the Preview, but now I want to re-activate it. I am desperately trying to search for the cookie I should delete in order for the Preview to be re-activated, but I am unable to do so.

    May anyone tell me how to do?



  2. =>Dashboard => Presentation => Extras
    mark the check box "Enable Snap Preview Anywhere on this blog" click "Update Extras" to save.

  3. I tried doing that, but I can't see them.

  4. I see them fine using IE6. You probably have loaded the cookie to turn them like like you state in your post.

    The Snap FAQ doesn't list a method of removing the specific cookie though. Hmmm....

    edit: The cookie name is spa or SPA and it;s from

  5. Is the cookie name "Spa"? I checked =>Tools =>Internet Options => Privacy=>Sites and in "Sites" I Checked all the Domains that are blocked, but can't find "spa" or Snap.. How to do to re-activate the Previews? I really need help!

  6. I'd just clear your cookie cache and say the heck with it if you can't find it. The cookie name is 'spa'. Five minutes on teh net and I've got a couple hundred cookies in there.

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