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  1. I posted a little while back for opinions on my blog and I thank the people that commented on that. I have made a few changes on it in terms of theme and more information on the about page. I wonder if people could relook and give me some opinions on the blog itself and the content.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I actually prefer the old theme

  3. What did you prefer about the other theme, I must admit I liked that one, but thought I would try something cleaner just to see if it worked.

  4. plasticdaffodils

    I like your theme. For me though, I don't really like seeing only a snippet of a post and having to click again to read it all, but maybe some people prefer that.

  5. I guess it made the pictures stand out.

  6. Thats fair enough, I did like that theme, I wonder if wordpress give the option to run 2 themes lol.

  7. @ plasticdaffodils: I think that click thing is ok for longer posts, I removed it from my shorter posts after taking another look.

  8. I liked the old theme better too - sorry. I am not a fan of this theme you have now.

  9. hmmm, may have to rethink this theme

  10. This topic is better discussed in the Off-Topic forum.

  11. @ 1tess, I guess my question is why? this was in the showcase area where you ask people to look at your blog and that is what i did, so why has this been moved to off topic when as far as i was concerned it is on topic?

  12. Actually the theme looks modern and trendy. I'm not one to like so much black on pages, but it does go well with the layout and images you have.

  13. @ karenjump: thanks I changed it from a mainly white one yesterday.

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