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    In the now-closed “Blog Stats” sticky, Andy notes that the total hits graph did not get affected.

    Yesterday, in my experiment, I asked about 8 people in 3 different continents to access my blog and they all did … Yet, the blog stats graph did not register those hits.

    It might have registered the hits later on in the day, and I suppose they can always look at the server logs and reconstruct the total number of hits.

    But I can confirm that the graph was not responsive at least for a while yesterday.




    Are they sitting behind some sort of cache or proxy server?

    Do they have JavaScripts turned off?

    Did they view more than one page?

    Did they view your site at a different time then you were checking on it?

    Did they really view your site? (Not calling them lairs or anything but it’s been known to happen.)

    Did they poke around your site and view any pages?



    Hi guys,
    To me it looks like my counter and my stat page isn’t in synch. I gather that my counter is correct. However, the stat page hasn’t been up to date today. I can see that it is slowly catching up to it, but it’s not yet synched.

    I was just wondering if the stats are being saved. I don’t really care to have the accessible right away, just that the graphs will be updated with the correct info once it’s fixed.




    drmike – I have the same concern that range has expressed.Are the stats being saved? Have you spoken to staff about this? And, if not would you do so please?



    The counter is cached and only updates every so often.

    I know Andy gave an answer in the sticky thread but I can’t open it here due to my one window limit on this PC.



    The stats database is not updated instantly when somebody visits your blog. There is a normal delay of at least one minute. When we are doing maintenance on the stats system as we were this weekend, the update schedule can be pushed back by as much as several hours.

    The total number of visits counted for this Saturday was our highest ever on a Saturday by a large margin, so I am confident that we have an accurate record on that chart.



    Cheers, thanks Andy.

    All I needed to know. I did get a record number of visits this Saturday.



    Thanks for your response. I would like to ask another question. I find it amazing that in one day 1268 unexpected visitors came out of nowhere. Is it possible that some database somewhere or some search engine somewhere suddenly became aware of our WordPress blogs?
    In other words, can you suggest any explanation or speculations for why suddenly right out of the blue on the very weekend staff were doing maintenance on the stats system the number of visits on a Saturday was the highest ever recorded?



    My stats seem to be working Ok now….. EXCEPT, the BLOG STATS widget the TOTAL show is waaay off… shodul be aroudn 18,000 and change and is 87,000+

    Any ideas?



    I think my stats are off as well.. my total stats jumped from 6000 views to 18000 views between friday to saturday. When I look at the refers/blogstat posts, it doesn’t show nearly that much traffic.


    My stat totals are off also. I show a few thousand more than I believe is an accurate count. The other squirreley parts of my blog–referrers, top posts, etc. seem to have been resolved.

    Let me say again for myself, and join with others, that I appreciate all your work. I still don’t understand how this service is free–not complaining :) of course, but it puzzles me. Thank you.

    Shirley Buxton



    Yeah, I seem to have gotten a bonus 13,000 readers over the weekend.

    Not that I am complaining, by any means. I am going to assume that they were in the system somewhere held up by a bug or something and only manifested when it fixed.
    Please don’t tell me if I’m wrong; it’s so comforting to be this famous all of a sudden.



    My blog suddenly became enormously popular too and as I have the habit of recording my blog stats before I go to bed and when I wake up each morning I was astonished at the way they shot through the roof. IMO something was going on that has yet to be explained.


    Mr RSS stats went up significantly. I don’t know if I have new readers or if it’s a bug.


    It’s like a placebo pill for your ego!




    This weekend [as rumour would have it] yahoo quitely revamped their site index and did some kind of an upgrade or change thingee. Those who had trouble on Friday with yahoo searches and were extremely frustrated found themselves on a fast track on Saturday when suddenly everything began moving at warp speed. Perhaps this at least partially explains what happened to increase the accessibility our wordpress blogs to new readers.



    My hits have gone the other direction, from 4200 and
    change down to 10! Is there a patch I need to find to fix the




    Now my stats counter has gone back up to 4150 from 10. As I’ve
    only lost about 50 hits, I’ll live with it, but what’s up?




    What do you mean what’s up – we’re all hallucinating, right. IMO something is going on but what it is is being kept a mystery.
    edit: whatever it is that is going on is connected to tags – they are not available, again.



    Yep, I still have problems with my stats, They’ve rolled back.



    That was a rough weekend for stats. The feedstats problem has been fixed and it will take about 24 hours for that graph to regain normality, although there is no accurate way to remove the erroneous hump.

    That would be a good name for a jazz pianist, wouldn’t it?

    The stats widget has been fixed and it should be forgetting any bad values very soon now.

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