re-blogged a post but my name shows up as author

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    I just did my first re-blog and it looks mostly okay on my site but for the email subscribers it comes into the Inbox and it looks like I’m the author and I’m not.

    What happened to the pizza dough ball?
    by Deanna

    Then it says: Reblogged from 222 million tons:

    Not until you’ve clicked to “read the whole article” on my site (or in the email) do you see the author’s name attached to the post. Thankfully I did add this line but it’s at the bottom underneath the brief text, not the top: “An e~musing article. Please enjoy this guest post by Bonnie Lee from 222 million tons.” But the title at the top still has MY name after it! Why didn’t my note appear ‘before’ the text of the post?

    I’ve emailed and apologized to the authors but how can I fix this for next time? (This is the first time I’ve been glad to still have only a very small list of email subscribers! But I don’t know how many are RSS’g me.)

    Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. I’m not re-blogging anything else until I can fix this and have credit where credit is due.

    The blog I need help with is



    Actually, everything worked just the way its supposed to. There’s nothing to “fix”.

    In addition, I’ve heard – but haven’t verified and can’t offer a link – that if someone down the line reblogs YOUR reblog, all reference to the original poster is stripped out.

    Many of us who do original writing on our blogs aren’t really happy with the system, but there you are. I’ve been re-blogged once, but the person who did so was happy to take my post down from her site. The reblog was still out there, of course, but nothing to do about that.

    I have added “Please, no Reblogging” at the bottom of each entry and in my sidebar, and haven’t had any more trouble. I don’t do Tumblr or Facebook, but my sense of things is that the powers that be are moving away from WP as a blog site and more toward the Twitter/Tumblr model.

    My personal opinion is that if I like something enough to share it, a link back to the original site and a line or two about the post is sufficient.

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