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  1. Is it okay to re-blog someone elses blog without their permission?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. If by "re-blog," you mean repost their posts, no. No. and No.

    However, if you mean link to a blog post (or to the main blog), and perhaps quote a small section of the post, and then comment on that, including your own content, that's okay.

    But re-blogging entire posts or entire blogs is not only a no-no, but it can get a blog shut down.

  3. Hmm, how do you syndicate a blog? I thought that was done by reposting. Glad I saw this post

  4. Syndicating your own blog is something quite different. You can use the rss feed provided by The rss feed for posts is: http:\\\feed\ By subscribing to your feed, your readers can receive your blog posts through whatever rss feed reader they use.

    You can also put an rss feed from another site in a widget in a sidebar or footer or other widget area of your does not provide a way to feed an rss feed directly into a post or page, however, since that can be used by spam-bloggers and blog scrapers to "reblog" in an unacceptable way.

  5. Oh, and change those slashes so they go in the other direction -- having a slight dyslexic moment there -- or a typing problem, or something. It should be for the rss feed.

  6. I meant linking someone elses blog to my blog for others to read from my site...... glad to know I can do that without asking......thanks so much for the feedback ; )
    I'm so new to this...... can you explain what an rss feed is?

  7. Hi! This support article explains it well:

    There are links to related articles on that page, as well.

    But essentially, if I subscribe to someone's rss feed, I can use a feed reader (there are all sorts, including Google Reader and some browser-specific feed readers, such as Brief for Firefox) to read their posts. Posts can either be pushed through the feed as entire articles or in summary form with just the first portion of the article showing. I subscribe to most blogs using an rss feed, and to a number of news outlets, as well.

  8. @karmais, use the RSS widget in the sidebar of your blog to do that. You cannot put a feed directly into a post or page as that is what sploggers (spam bloggers) do and wordpress is very careful not to support sploggers.

    Use the RSS feed widget and then if people want to read the posts they can click on the links or excerpt and go to that site.

  9. I do sometimes let people know that I've added a link, but often not. It depends on the site.

  10. thanks so much this is so helpful! I have some research to do

  11. You're welcome! Have fun blogging!

  12. Thanks so much- everyone has been so helpful!

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