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  1. Hi,
    I have my old site and plan to connect that with my new site when it's finished. I currently pay for hosting and have found some amazing blogs which compliment what I do. I would like to re blog the posts but they don't seem to appear on my blog page. What am I doing wrong? I'm not very technical so I apologise thank you for your help in advance.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. is not a blog and we cannot help you with that. We cannot help with ANY externally hosted blogs. Currently the Reblog feature exists only within the community.

  3. Thank you for your response and sorry if I'm being a bit thick - I'm a bit confused. Do I need. To transfer the hosting to wordpress. How much does this cost and what are the pro's and con's. I'm presuming it is advisable to transfer to wordpress then? Do I / can I get help with this?

  4. You can get help if you hire someone. But moving a blog just so you can use the automated Reblog button seems a bit extreme. Why don't you just reblog the articles manually? You copy a snipped, paste it in a blockquote, add a link to the original article, make some framing remarks about it, and away you go. Some of us have been doing that for years. It hardly makes sense to move hosting just so you can do this with one click, particularly as you could just use the Press This browser add-on to do the same thing. As well, will probably integrate teh Reblog button into the next iteration of the Jetpack plugin, so you'd get it anyway if you just waited.

  5. Is there a widget to allow me to do this outside of wordpress, I've just repaid my hosting fee :-( and I am a business. I've looked at another post regarding pros and cons and it says the concurrency of the blog is limited which wouldn't be good for me. I may have to do it the old fashioned way and credit the author with a link in the post :-(

  6. Ah you answered my question - thanks I do have jet pack so I'll wait. Thank you so much for your help. I've stopped paying for people and am going to try and do this myself as I've been ripped off twice and got no where!! Will have a look at the press this add on you mentioned. Thank you again for your help x

  7. Press This is a reblogging tool that's been around for ages. It's primitive, but it will work. I prefer doing things manually, since I can completely control what section I reblog.

  8. I've just used it and I love it! Exactly what I wanted - thank you xxx

  9. You're welcome, glad it was an easy solution.

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