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    Hello. If I wanted to, can I re-blog a post on my blog from 3 yrs ago to the same blog it was originally posted on. Here is an example: If I have a post about Christmas Tree safety that was posted 3 years ago, and on Black Friday can I, without creating a separate/new post, “push” the post to the top of my blog posts.

    Or if I have 30 posts, can push post #25 (near the bottom) to the top of the list?

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi taliesin2!

    Yes you can – your blog posts are arranged by date, with the newest first, so to move an ‘older’ post to the top, you will have to change the date of that post.

    Here is a good post on how to do that – Have a look under Republishing a post



    Hi there,

    If you mean using the reblogging feature, yes, you can reblog posts to your own site.

    @epoolman, republishing or rescheduling a post is not the same as reblogging a post.

    Also note that rescheduled posts will not appear to followers in the Reader again – we prevent that so people won’t use this method to continually force their posts to the top of their followers’ feeds.



    @kokkieh, thanks for clearing that up! Quick question though for future reference – In the Schedule a Post link above it states:

    You can republish your post by changing the status of the post to Draft, clicking Update, then clicking Publish. When you do this, the post will immediately redistribute to your email subscribers. However, the publication date and time will remain the same, so the post’s link and position in your timeline will remain unchanged.

    Does the immediately redistribute to your email subscribers affect the position in the followers’ feeds as well?



    No. Republishing resends notification emails, but it doesn’t change the post’s position in the Reader, as that’s based on the publication date which doesn’t change with republishing.

    But as I mentioned above, more specifically the Reader position is based on the original publication date, so rescheduling can also not be used to bump a post in the Reader.

    If you want an old post to feature again in the Reader you need to create a brand new post copying or linking back to the old one. Copying is bad for SEO, but the Reblog feature is ideal for creating a new post linking back to the old one.



    Thanks @kokkieh! Just wanted to make sure.



    Happy to help :)

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