Re-blogging…is there a way to block it?

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    I prefer that individuals don’t re-blog my photos…especially the blogs that are strictly a string of re-blogs…no imagination whatsoever. Is there a way to block people from doing this?


    The blog I need help with is


    The ToS allows to promote our posts and one way they do that is by providing reblogging. The only way to prevent reblogging is to change your blog visibility setting to private.


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    Unfortunately, no. There is no way to stop the reblogging. You can watermark your pictures, and / or link them to your site. You can also include a link directly back to your blog in the first part of your text.

    Neither of those will stop the reblogging, but it will force a link back to you at least for the lazy re-bloggers…or the sploggers which are even worse, because they don’t bother with links.


    I’m pretty sure all of my photos are ‘perma linked’ — is that what you mean by linking back?


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    About pictures, I mean putting something in the title, alt text, or description so that if you do an image search you can see if an image is posted somewhere else. Also allow pingbacks.

    I’ve become very lazy (too busy with other things actually) about it now, but for a while I’d put “1tess” in one of those fields, so it was easy to find someone using my pics. For example a pic that got stolen a lot from my blog was “sweet potato vine.” It also had my 1tess name in it. So when I had bored-and-free-time I’d image-search to find folks using that picture (or other pictures) without credits.

    I guess that is not actually a link, just something I could search for.

    I’ve been too busy to blog recently, but I still use hidden text for a link to my blog at the beginning of each post. Timethief and other volunteers here would know more about this probably, because that hidden text-link “trick” does have negative impact on SEO (google et al hate hidden text).

    I really dislike the reblogging “feature” and don’t have any other ideas about how to monitor who is taking my work.

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